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Janhvi Kapoor Struggling To Fit Into Her Dress After Indulging In A Bowl Full Of Pasta Is Literally All Of Us.

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Eyeliner on point, no flabs or rolls visible and hair styled to perfection—the life of a celebrity seems meticulously flawless. Don’t they trip in those high heels? What about skin issues? Do they even get a pimple, like ever? Have they ever felt bloated? Yes, of course, they have! The thing is, no matter how it seems on the surface, celebrities are humans too and go through the same struggles as we do. Some keep it real, some don’t. However, more and more celebrities have been getting real about their bodies and everyday struggles lately and their social media posts are proof enough that these stars are just like us. One of these celebs is Janhvi Kapoor who doesn’t believe in maintaining a façade and keeps it 100% real on her Instagram. From her dance bloopers to a photoshoot gone wrong, her ‘Instagram vs reality’ posts are both hilarious and extremely relatable.

Recently, she posted a BTS photo from her green room where she is relishing a bowl of pasta while in a red dress as her HMU does her hair. In the next slide, she has this silver gown on, well, almost on because glam squad is still trying to zip her into the dress. She is clearly panicking because that pasta probably made it a tad bit difficult for her to slip into the gown. This reminded me of all the days I promised myself that I’d eat light before a big date or wedding believing I could do it, only to end up hogging as usual and asking someone to help me with my outfit later on. She captioned the post “Before and after” and I haven’t found anything more relatable on social media, not on a celebrity’s Insta page at least.


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Janhvi trying to fit into a dress post eating is just one of the many real girls’ problems that we almost never see any celebrity struggling with. But I think Janhvi is born that way. She’s natural and candid and keeps her social media account too relatable and real. Her Instagram page is full of these reality check posts and that is probably one of the reasons why we absolutely love her. While her dance practice videos are graceful, she often posts bloopers and gets real her clumsiness in the caption. In one of the videos, she forgot a step while in other she lost balance and admitted to have turned into a dramatic ending in the caption.


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Whether it is her Instagram pictures from her shoots where she makes funny faces when no one’s looking or her witty one-liners like naming her sexy signature pose of brushing her hair as sardard (headache), we love her being unapologetically herself on social media. Honestly, we could do with some more such real content from other celebrities as well that make us think hell, they are just like us! Because, erm, they are.

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