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Indoo Ki Jawani Trailer: Fans Are Glad Kiara Advani Finally Has More Dialogues, But They Aren’t Exactly Funny

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I usually don’t believe in judging a movie from its trailer. I mean, so generous am I that I even discounted my criticism of Laxmii when the trailer dropped, because I wanted to give the movie a fair chance first. But some trailers have a knack of disappointing you in the first watch. Indoo Ki Jawani didn’t disappoint me per se, but it didn’t jagaao much interest in me either. Which isn’t exactly a good thing considering the makers are choosing a theatre release instead of OTT for the film. Will I bear the threat of COVID and venture out to watch Kiara Advani’s pseudo-Geet-from-Jab We Met act paired with Aditya Seal, as the calm, silent-types that Shahid’s Aditya was in the movie? My answer currently is as incomprehensible as the sound that Mika Singh makes after “Ke dil mera” in ‘Saawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag’.


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The trailer for Indoo Ki Jawani dropped on Monday evening. Produced by T-Series, Emmay Entertainment and Electric Apples Entertainment, the film is written and directed by Abir Sengupta. Along with Kiara Advani and Aditya Seal in lead roles, it also stars comedian Mallika Dua as Indoo’s BFF and giver of sage dating advice.

The film is about Indira Gupta aka Indoo, announced as Ghaziabad’s glam girl but with your typical small-town sensibilities. She is 24/7 cuteness with 50 shades of innocence, and has a sucky dating life for which she is berated about by her BFF. Eager to mingle with a right kinda guy, she takes said BFF’s advice to do “adult things” and downloads—wait did she just say Dinder? Okay, some dating app, and BAM! She lands into major trouble that gets delivered right to her doorstep and looks smokin’. Turns out, the date she got home delivered, Samar  (Aditya Seal), could possibly be a Pakistani terrorist. Well, he is a Pakistani passport holder and loves the film Kashmir Ki Kali. And there’s news that a terrorist has entered the city. So you can understand the confusion.

Anyhoo, from then on, Indoo Ki Jawani seems like a comedy of errors and misunderstandings. Although, what a twist would it be if the guy did turn out to be a terrorist or someone with a sinister agenda. And Indoo was transported into this Home Alone kinda situation where she had to protect herself and her house from him. But theek hai, that’s expecting a little too much from Bollywood. (Or is it?)

I have this nasty habit of peeking into the comments section, and there I found some… umm… astute observations by the audience. Some of them have already (jokingly) pointed out how the film could be called out for the current popular ‘offense’, love jihad, since it shows a Muslim guy and a Hindu girl. *rolls eyes*

The most common one (apart from what “KaBiR sInGh kI bAndI PrEEti” is doing now) was how Kiara Advani has spoken more in this entire trailer than she did in Kabir Singh.

To that I say, right on. But yaar, did she have to overdo it? And must the jokes be so un-funny?

There’s this joke about crows being black universally, to which Indoo says, that’s true for India, but in Pakistan, they must be capturing crows and painting them black. I mean. I don’t even want to quantify it with criticism. Even when they’re both talking about the cricket teams of the respective countries, I thought Kiara Advani was enunciating a little too much to sound like a small-town girl. I don’t claim to know if that’s how they sound or not, but I’d like to think no?

The film, at least on the surface, seems to be full of cliché tropes—the sage BFF who wants you to be adventurous and will be forgotten for the remainder of the plot. The misunderstanding that could’ve been cleared out with simply putting all the cards on the table but doesn’t happen. And the small-town innocence. TBH, the bare plot that an unsuspecting women ends up meeting a suspected terrorist seems interesting, but the execution is quite elusive here. What doesn’t help is the song, ‘Hasina Pagal Deewani’, which already had us watch Kiara Advani do a step that involved biting her lehenga for some reason. I mean why must we see this?

Kiara Advani seems excited for Indoo Ki Jawani, as she said it was her first ‘female-oriented film’. Okay, sure, I want to be excited for you too. But right now, it looks a tad difficult to decide if I should Swipe Right. Indoo Ki Jawani releases in theatres on December 11.

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