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Indonesian Designer Makes Cat Costumes Including Hijabs And Superhero Outfits Fur Real!

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If you have a feline pet at home, a cute little kitten or a grumpy cat, it’s only obvious that you have dressed them up in funny and sometimes glamourous costumes to snap their look for the ‘gram. Whether the inspiration was TikTok videos or the idea came out of sheer boredom, dressing up your cats is so much fun. However, cat fashion is not just for the laughs and likes; in fact, it’s the real deal in the fashion world. There are cat fashion shows (where do you think the term catwalk comes from?), fancy costumes and a whole market for cat makeover. An Indonesian designer recently found his calling in the cat fashion biz and set up his online store where he sells cute outfits to cat owners who want to style their fur balls.

39-year-old Fredi Lugina Priadi left his teaching job to try his luck in various businesses before finding cat makeover a fitting opportunity for him. It was his cousins who gave him the idea of designing costumes for cats, which he thought was strange until he saw some fancily dressed up cats himself that cracked him up. “At first, my cousins who love cats gave me the idea to make these costumes and I thought it was weird. But it turned out to be funny to see them with costumes,” he said.

Now, he makes dressy costumes including superhero outfits, cosplay and even Muslim traditional wear like hijab for cats from his small workshop unit in Bogor, Indonesia and sells online. There’s superman, batman, nurse, Samurai Jack and plenty other cool outfit options that cat owners will absolutely love. All the dresses are creative, super cute and incredibly true to detail. They’re purrfect!


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The business has shot up in a span of three years and created a loyal base of customers already. He has priced his outfits between US$6 to US$10 and if he sells three to four pieces per day, he earns up to 3 million Indonesian rupiah (US$210) a month. One of his frequent customers is Risma Sandra Irawan who buys outfits for her cat Sogan who she dresses up and puts videos up on his TikTok account that has garnered 50k followers. She has bought around 30 outfits and always orders special outfits on occasions and festivals like Eid and Christmas. “Its for fun only…it can relieve our stress, she said. Obviously, I mean, who doesn’t want to see a cat dressed up cool outfits at the end of the day right?

His designs are proof that Fredi is supremely talented and making cat fashion popular in Indonesia. I love how the costumes make these pets look like little hoomans. Now, I want to buy a cat just to dress her up in these amazing outfits. Help me get one?

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