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If You’ve Had Enough Of “Hope This Email Finds You Well” In Your Work Mails, We Hope These Memes Help!

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The coronavirus pandemic changed our lives so drastically, that we could “New phone, who dis?” it and it wouldn’t be surprising. Your mask and sanitiser bottle have become as important as oversized sunglasses and dogs in a purse were to celebs and socialites out for a walk. Athleisure isn’t just a fashion statement anymore; it is the only fashion statement because where are we going to put our fancy clothes on and go anyway? Work from home is a norm, which is a pill that hasn’t been easy to swallow for so many workplaces that have real trust issues with their employees. But then again, corporate culture loves a skewed work-life balance and that’s exactly what’s happening right now, so I guess the it’s even. Amidst all this change and catastrophe that is 2020, everyone has taken it as a rule that all emails must begin with “I hope this email finds you well.”

It’s an unspoken rule, a sort of mutual understanding that by writing this one sentence you’ve checked up on the person and expressed your concern for their well-being. Now, we’d just gotten out of that ‘formal work email’ phase where people began replacing outdated lingo like ‘Regards’ with ‘Cheers’ or ‘Adios’ to infuse more pep in the drab email that was to follow. I realised we could finally cut the small talk and jump straight to “Yo guys, listen…” And then, BAM! We were shoved into the Dark Ages again, because the age old “I hope this email finds you well” wasn’t just a polite conversation starter; it was now a way of letting the email receiver know that you were hoping they hadn’t gotten caught in the clutches of the reigning COVID-19 pandemic.

Did everyone mean this concern? Naah, not as intensely as the line lets on. But I guess the bigger faking was actually coming from the people replying to those emails with “Yes, I’m fine, and you?”. Because here’s the truth of how the email really found them. And it was not “well”!

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Well, well, well, looks like we’ve got a new meme format, peeps. And the Tweeple were on it faster than you could say, ‘Regards’.  These ‘how the email found me’ memes are in so many ways cathartic because it is exactly how most of us are feeling right now—exhausted, drowning are joylessness in alcohol, bloody, uninterested, sleepy and massively devastated by the year that 2020 is turning out to be, with its pandemic, natural disaster, sickening politics, and global recession. And let’s not forget, the locusts came too, which means we’re biblically screwed.

So if you’ve wanted to tear your hair out or throw something at your screen every time you read “I hope this email finds you well”, then these memes are sure to find you laughing at their relatability in no time!

I think this Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor from The Office look is one I find most accurate for my current, work from home situation!

And this Bilbo Baggins (RIP Sir Ian Holm) describing the burden of carrying the One Ring sounds so similar to adulting in 2020, with work, chores, bills and diseases weighing us down! I also want to see mountains, Gandalf!

Don’t tell me boss, but this is me most work from home afternoons, NGL!

Raise your leg hand if this is one of the countless weird positions you adopt while working from home, just because you can.

That was almost therapeutic, wasn’t it?

Next time someone sends you one of these “I hope this email finds you well” lines in their emails, feel free to send them this photo of Dude With Sign, to make your feelings explicitly clear.

Oh PS: We hope this article found you well!

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