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How To Style Your Outfits To Nail The Colourblocking Trend Like A Bollywood Star

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Fashion trends may come and go but our urge to remain on the top of the style game is constant. Although I agree some trends are too weird and not really worth trying, there are some really bold and fresh ones that are totally unmissable. If you are someone who always sticks to their usual sartorial choices and have a classic style statement, chances are you hesitate playing with bold colours like neons and trends that incorporate the same. Ever tried the colourblocking trend? Although a bit daring and risky, this could be a really fun and peppy style that you can try.

A lot of celebrities have pulled off the colourblocking trend and gave us steal-worthy looks. Of course they have stylists to take care of what goes best with what but fret not, with some styling tips, you can ace the trend too. The key is to get the colours right and pairing like a pro. Apart from these basic ones, we have for you some really cool styling tips to master the colourblocking and do the trend right, just like a Bollywood star. Here are some fashion tips that you can follow the next time you want to make your usual outfit a bit snazzy with the colourblocking trend.

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Begin with solids


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If you are a beginner at this, you really don’t want to make things more complicated than they already are. Save the prints and patterns for when you are confident about the style but begin with solids first. Also, use clashing colours, a mix of brights and neons and pastels but make sure that colour of your outfits complement each other. Wear a crop top, skirt and jacket in similar hues of blues and green, or add a pop of a completely contrasting colour like a bright pink in your outfit.

Stick to same colour theme


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The easiest way of wearing the colourblocking trend is take a printed clothing piece and use the colours used in it to colour block your outfit. If you are wearing a printed top in bright pink and orange like Ananya here, all you have to do is team it with the bottoms and outerwear in colours that are there in the print. Make sure you use solid colour clothing to balance things out. This also gives you a monochromatic look and makes your outfit pretty fun and chic.

Mix and match


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This is basically an advanced level of colourblocking trend but you can do it right if you get the theme of the outfit you are wearing. See what colours and prints work best with each other. For help, look at the colour wheel and use the contrasting or opposite colours. Another way to do is to wear a neutral colour clothing which may or may not have a subtle (not vibrant) print which you can pair with a bright peppy coloured bottoms. Take notes from Bhumi who wore a brown printed jacket with an orange turtleneck sweater but finished the look with a gorgeous pink skirt.

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