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How One Pillowcase Changed My Skincare Game

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I would always read articles about how one product had changed someone’s life and I always wondered how people found this miracle because it all seems like one tall claim. Because honestly, I go through skincare products like sanitiser at this point, and I have never found this. But as a vociferous consumer of Youtube videos that talk about skincare, I have an extreme understanding of  the theories. Just never followed these things in practicality.

So when they talked about having a serum, I quickly used it after my CTM routine. When one YT guru (at this point, I am so gullible, I think I believe Nigerian princes writing to me for a fortune) recommended Vitamin C, I climbed that bandwagon pretty soon too. And that’s exactly why, I was willing to give a silk pillowcase a whirl as well. Because why not? And that’s when I came across Dame Essentials. Admittedly, it’s a pretty buck for a pillow case but when you use it, you will never go back. It’s an addiction.

And while I don’t always fully advocate products this vehemently, this one I am sold on. And it did change my skincare game. *cue informercial lines* I would sleep on regular pillows and while that was fine, I would often have breakouts only on one side of my face. Now you could blame my skincare or bad eating habits but I knew it was something else. And I should have listened earlier.

Because my skin is better, my hair is falling less and overall I sleep like I am some kind of princess because this pillowcase feels so luxurious. Plus, it sits nicely against my skin, making it feel like I am caressing a baby’s bottom for a very long time. Which would be weird but imagine how smooth it is. Because I always want to go the whole hog, I spritz on a sleeping mist on my pillow and it feels like a spa in my bedroom. Which is a feeling that’s entirely alien to me right now because what is pampering when your nail polish chips off because you’re constantly cleaning vessels?

I’m pretty sure my pedicurist is going to fall back in alarm the next time I muster the courage to go to a salon because things are looking pretty bad. And amidst all this, this skincare-game changing pillowcase is my little oasis of calm. My happy place. So if you find my cuddling my pillowcase, know that it has given me so much more than a good night’s sleep.



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