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Gucci Takes A Playful Dig On Imitation Problem In Fashion By Debuting The ‘Fake Not’ Collection Featuring Fake Logo And Their Iconic 80’s Design

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Since its inception nearly a century ago, Gucci remains to be one of the most copied luxury brands around the world. Don’t tell me you have never found yourself looking at an ostensibly authentic Gucci bag or sneakers and contemplated in your head if it’s really genuine or just a very cleverly imitated creation. You find Gucci replicas (both good and bad) at every nook and cranny of the local fashion street and social media alike. The logos and signature design of luxury brands like Gucci are extremely easy to copy and done unapologetically worldwide which makes brand imitation a serious problem in the fashion world.

Gucci decided to make a powerful statement about the issue by dropping a collection dedicated to the years of counterfeits that have been made of the brand. The creative director of the Italian fashion house, Alessando Michele came up with a collection named Fake Not which features products with its iconic 80s iconic green and red stripes and a fake Gucci logo with inlay lettering ‘Fake Not’ in yellow on either sides of the products. These are the part of their Fall Winter 2020 collection and include men’s, women’s and unisex products like a two handle tote bag, backpacks, sliders, sneakers, windcheater jacket and t-shirt. The Gucci Fake Not motifs are boldly placed on the garments and accessories to make the ironic take on the fake copies apparent.

The products in the collection may seem like they are cheap knock-offs of the brand but are 100% authentic so don’t be confused. This is just one of the ways of the brand of taking a sarcastic approach to clap backing on the art of imitation prevalent in the fashion industry. And, we think it is very nicely done.


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Imitation is often taken as a unintended compliment or flattery but it could actually be frustrating for the designers and highly problematic for the fashion space. These blatant copies sold off to the customers as authentic goods at a much lower price is morally wrong and could damage the brand image. The practice of making and selling counterfeit goods is rampant in today’s world with especially with the fast fashion brands gaining momentum. They blatantly replicate the luxury goods, modify a few details and sell off at a knock-down price. Taking inspiration from the runway fashion and copying the designs has become run of the mill in the fashion world.

We don’t know if it was the annoyance or inspiration from the phenomenon, but Gucci turned the table and counteracted on the copycat problem with a collection that is an imitation of their own 80s design, a fake logo and the words Fake Not printed on the products. I mean, if this is not the best way to take a dig on the knockoff trend, we don’t know what is.

Also, we are pretty sure the fashion imitators have already starting working on bringing the dupes of this collection to the streetwear culture soon as well.

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