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Google To Launch AR Feature That Lets You Try Makeup Before You Buy. We Need This ASAP

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The only thing that’s keeping me sane during this pandemic is ordering from shopping websites nearly every day. Regardless of how annoyed my parents (and neighbours) are from my uncontrollable buying habits, I make sure there is a brand new package waiting for me at my doorstep whenever I feel low which is practically every day; we are in the middle of a pandemic, people! However, I miss adding some good and trendy makeup in my stash. That’s something you can’t really buy without swatching it on your arm and getting suspicious looks from the salesman on the beauty counter who knows you are going to buy it online later. I can’t risk buying something that doesn’t complement my skin tone and bites dust in my drawer forever. Plus, you can’t even return cosmetics if you place a wrong order.

Until we can go back to the Sephora stores fearlessly and try the makeup shades ourselves, Google has come up with a fix to help us keep shelling our salaries out on those beauty babies. It is working on an augmented reality (AR) feature that scans your face and shows you lipstick and eyeshadow shades for you to virtually try makeup before you buy. It has teamed up with data partners ModiFace and Perfect Corp to get this feature on Google Search and would feature collection form top beauty brands like L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Black Opal and Charlotte Tilbury. I mean, is it the best news of 2020 or what? For the makeup lovers at least, it is. Just saying.


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The option for virtual trial of makeup will appear on the Google Search which you are already using for online shopping and scavenging the best outfits from various websites. Google has extended its search spectrum to beauty as well with an added feature that lets you try the products you want to buy. There would be thousands of variants, shades and even textures of eyeshadows and lipsticks from different beauty brands that you can browse through and try on yourself using your front camera. The shades would show as filter palette on your camera so you can see what you like on your face and add to cart.

There are plenty of beauty apps that have similar feature that let you try out makeup from different brands and now Google has come up with a similar feature which we can expect to be more reliable and accurate in terms of shades and face scanning. With the boom in online shopping, virtual trial for makeup seems to be a viable option for the beauty lovers who miss going to the mall and get their monthly stock of supplies or at least came back with swatches on their arms, only to place an order online (we, we are those beauty lovers). The lockdown and pandemic might have scraped our plans to shop makeup this entire year, but Google finally has us covered.

Talking about the what led to tech giant to launch the feature, Google explained in a blog post, “If you’re shopping for beauty products, it’s difficult to make a decision on such personal items without trying them on. Say you want to know how sheer a lip gloss is, how much pigment is in an eyeshadow or what a product will look like on your skin tone, it can be difficult to understand these things without seeing the products up close.”

This has come as an upshot of the pandemic which left the global beauty industry crumbling. With sales dropping drastically and piles of unsold stock lying in the warehouse, the beauty industry has been impacted severely. AI testers and virtual trials in beauty were some post-Covid changes that were long due and we can already see these innovative features already setting in. With the help of this feature, shopping for makeup would be a tad bit easier and risk-free and we can expect the beauty industry to bounce back on its feet. And, we couldn’t be happier about it.

So Google, when can we expect this AR feature to show up on our screens? Cause I could do with some beauty binge now. It’s been really long!

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