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From Blazers to Coatigans, WFH Has Changed Workwear Fashion For Professional Women, And Now It’s Comfier

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It’s been a hundred years since I last threw on a crisp shirt, or a dress and heels,  and went to my workplace. What? It hasn’t been that long? Well, it certainly feels like it. After working from home for months, I can say that my idea of workwear has been essentially restricted to my sweats and a comfy T-shirt, a nice one if I have a zoom meeting. And although I miss my stiff pants and structured tops, relaxed work wear isn’t so bad. And it’s not just me. Women are opting out of the neat and tailored office wear and slipping into more relaxed and comfortable styles. Because you see, it’s not about looking prim and proper for work anymore, just chic and comfy since you work from home.

With formalwear taking a backseat, clothing brands are adding the work leisure section to their product assortments, something we never thought would happen, office wear fashion has taken a 360-degree turn during the pandemic. Baggy sweater dresses have replaced your form-fitted dresses, coatigans, which are style hybrids of coats and cardigans have taken your blazers’ space and leggings have tossed your tailored trousers back in that stash. For the virtual boardroom meetings, skype interviews and weekly zoom office calls, these relaxed styles and silhouettes are being preferred by the professional women this year.

According to the experts, these trends are going to stick around even in 2021. Whether or not your return to your workplace next year or continue to WFH (read work from bed), you might want to stock up on some coatigans, joggers and loose-fitted jumpers to look comfortably chic from your home desk/bed. Here are some fresh and cozy styles that are taking over the women’s office apparel section and redefining workwear this year.

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Yes, we terribly miss our fitted blazers that we paired with skirts, pants and even a pair of jeans for the cool office look all the time. However, you’d be seeing a lot less of these office blazers and more of coatigans. These are basically cardigans stylised into a coat that features lapels, less or no buttons and a relatively loose fitting. This is one workwear you can possibly take from desk to dinner, because the style is so versatile and chic.



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After living and breathing in elastic-waist sweatpants, it’s going to take us some some getting used to and some time to fit into the button-fastened trousers and pants. The comfier alternative is a pair of smart joggers that you can team with a solid tee and minimal jewellery and you are good to go, or stay in bed while you spend your day having zoom meetings.

Sweater dresses


The most amazing fashion innovation to have sprouted in the recent years are sweater dresses. These knee-length, ribbed dresses are super comfortable and perfect for toiling in for long hours. You just slip it on like you throw on your jumpers now and add some stylish accessories to take your workwear fashion game up a notch. Also, if you do return to your office, it would certainly keep you warm and cozy in the freezing temps, because office AC!

Flared skirts


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Pencil skirts are so January 2020. Post-lockdown, we are steering clear of anything too skimpy and tight-fitted, as you must have gathered from all the relaxed workwear styles we have talked about till now. If you are a skirt lover, go for these pleated, flared skirts that look equally professional if you team it right (think turtleneck sweater or a shirt tucked-in) and would give you the feeling of lounging in your bed, while at work.



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No heels, just flats and sliders is the new motto of working women this year for obvious reasons. One, we have basically forgotten how to walk with high heels and second, flats are just too comfy to give up too soon. Get yourself a pair of stylish flats or cool sliders, that is if you are going back to office, until you ease your way back into those stilettoes, which we hope is soon.

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