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All The Fashion Trends You Can Wear To Your Zoom Celebrations And Look Webcam-Ready All Through The Party Season

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No matter how sceptical or paranoid you were about the whole Covid situation in the beginning of March, there is no chance you would have thought that you’d still be stuck in your home till December. None of us saw this coming and yet here we are, planning an online meet up with friends and family to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s on Zoom and Google Meet. Corona has been the biggest party pooper in the history of party poopers, but we are determined to not let it ruin even the very last few days of this horrible year. We’d spending the party month as it should be, with our squad and fam, some wine and lots of sumptuous food, even if it is on a screen.

Also, party from home (PFH, yes that’s what we are calling it) doesn’t mean you’d be showing up to the virtual get-together in your sweats. Yes, it’s comfy and cute but celebration calls for dressing up in trendy and chic outfits to indulge in the party spirit, especially as you bid adieu to 2020. Also, I am so done with sweats by now, that I don’t want to wear them for a year or two at least after it’s safe to go outside. Since we haven’t had the chance to pretty up all year and try out new trends, here is a perfect opportunity to channel your inner glam once again. If you thought online calls don’t let you put your best fashion foot forward, we have news for you.

The Zoom era has birthed a new category in trends, waist-up fashion which is all about dressing up your upper half for the webcam. You could keep your fashion game on point even for the zoom calls by focusing all the attention to your tops, dresses, sleeves and jewellery, you know the part that’s visible on screen. Some of the hottest waist-up fashion trends that are on our radar for the party month are listed below. Steal them to look bomb on all your virtual night ins.

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All that shimmers


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What’s a party outfit without some shimmer and shine, eh? Now that the party has moved from the clubs and restaurants to your laptops and phones, don’t let this geographical restriction dim your light (read shimmer). Put on a dress that’s a party in itself with shimmer specks all over them. Go with bright hues like bottle green, red or pink or classics like navy blue and black. This is the most effortless way to look uber glamourous for your zoom celebrations.

Blazer in vibrant hues


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It was all about peppy colours before corona turned everything grey (or PPE blue). While a pantsuit may be out of option, for your online party, put on a sexy lace top in solid colour and throw on a blazer or jacket with a playful colour scheme and abstract prints to complete the look. Go with neons or electric hues, eccentric patterns and prints and fancy details that scream party. Okay fine, you can wear sweats for your bottoms with these. Who are we kidding, we are not getting rid of those ever!

Dramatic sleeves


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While you are bringing all the drama up your waist area, you could experiment with extra dramatic sleeves that are having a moment right now. Parties serve the most fitting opportunity to try on a trend like this since you can’t really wear it to your WFH or to buy groceries (those are the only two things we do these days). Also, you cannot go wrong with OTT sleeves on a virtual meet; you can pull it off with ease. Pick from a range of styles like puffed sleeves, frill details, ruffled or flounce and let that be your glam factor.

Sequinned saree


In case you have been missing dressing up way too much (we get it) and want to bring your A game to the virtual meet up, here is chic trend you can rock. Sequinned sarees are huge right now and almost all celebrities have taken the sparkling drape to parties. For your Zoom party too, you can wear a stunning sequin saree to fetch all the attention.

Statement jewellery


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Sometimes, the right piece of jewellery can totally amp up your look, regardless of how elaborate or minimal your outfit it. If you are thinking of toning it down on the sartorial front but still want to look party-ready, wear some blingy and gorgeous statement jewellery to make even the most understated look super fashionable. Go with OTT hoops, rings, dangling earrings or necklaces. Take your pick from the plethora of options from contemporary jewellery brands such as The Jewel Factor which we have our eyes on this party season.

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