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Prada’s Latest Launch Is Yellow Turtleneck Sweater That Has Holes In It. Okay, Why Is This Fashion?

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The world of fashion is quite baffling. I mean, whoever came up with one sleeved top or capri pants (eww), I have one question—why? They are so pointless and um, non-stylish. And, call me crazy but it almost seems like ‘fashun’ is getting weirder with each passing year. The designers are drawing inspiration from the weirdest places on Earth. One day you’d see someone walking in three-toed shoes (looking at you, Givenchy) and the very next day you’d find a walking cheese on the street. I’m not exaggerating here. Okay, I am, a little bit, but look at this turtleneck sweater by Prada that would legit make you look like a piece of Swiss cheese when you have it on. It’s pale yellow and has several uneven holes in it. It looks more like Swiss cheese than Swiss cheese itself, TBH.

I love it when food makes an appearance in fashion like those cute pineapple-shaped sling bags because it melds my two interests in one. However, this is taking it too far. This cheese-inspired turtleneck sweater makes no sense and if you ask me, it isn’t even that grate (lol, geddit?). The holey viscose fabric wouldn’t shield me from the cold, which is basically the ‘hole’ purpose of a turtleneck sweater. Plus, this cheesy style (last one, I swear) comes with a hefty price tag, cuz Prada! The sweater is retailed at £905, which is approximately 90K in Indian rupees. Not to sound like a desi mom, but 90k for this torn piece of cloth? SMH!

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In the past year, we have been blessed with a number of such fashion items by the most coveted luxury brands that were totally cray-cray and cringe-worthy. After I while, even the most batshit crazy styles didn’t surprise me. But this turtleneck totally sent me off. Speaking of unconventional turtleneck styles, recently, another fashion brand Zara dropped a cropped turtleneck with nothing but arm warmers. Some loved it while some hated it, but at least it wouldn’t make you look like something Tom would keep as a bait to capture Jerry. 

A Twitter user posted a picture of Prada’s latest fashion creation, stressing out on the fact that the brand wants you to look like a slice of cheese for which it is asking you to shell out a hole lotta money (sorry, I can’t stop). She wrote, “Prada charging £905 to look like a bit of Swiss cheese.” The design is inarguably funny and offbeat but I would have thought about giving it a chance if it I wouldn’t have to spend all my life savings to buy this. On second thought, nope, I wouldn’t want to wear it, even if I could afford it. And I am pretty sure that even the Devil won’t wear Prada, if Prada is this holy…I mean, holey sweater.   

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