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This Designer Made A 3D Water Hat That Looks Like A Tiny Wave Floating On Your Head. Not Sure Where We’ll Wear It But We Want!

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I am really not a big fan of hats, or caps for that matter, and the reason is very simple—my frizzy curly hair cannot handle the friction and leaves me looking like an untamed lion every time I take it off. Since now hats are making a comeback in the fashion world with bucket hats and newsboy hats already having a moment on streets and runways alike, I feel major FOMO. But I am not someone who would give in to a fashion trend just because something’s in vogue, even if it means I’d end up looking like Monica Geller in the Barbados episode in Friends. I’d rather pass.

Also, why just stick to these classic hats when you could go for some really cool, statement-making toppers that pop out? You see, 2020 has been the year of hats and we have seen some simply artistic and trendy ones by our favourite retailers and artists. I just came across a state-of-the-art hat style that is not only chic but also keep you from worrying about a hat-induced bad hair day ever again. Hold on to your hats, it’s a water hat! A Brisbane-based artist Monirath has reimagined a water wave into the most coveted accessory and created this exceptional fashion piece, a water hat.

The designer who generally works on aesthetically abstract jewellery has made this 3D water hat that features a wavy glass-like hat structure and a ribbon to hold it in place. The feminine hat with space-age design is a product from her new series, where water flows and imitates water refractions on the face of the wearer. How cool is that! This might be the most gorgeous hat I’ve ever seen.

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She announced her latest launch on her Twitter and Instagram account and all the fashion folks couldn’t stop crushing over the imaginative creation. The tweet already has garnered 234k likes and 27k retweets. A user wrote, “Genius holy shit I better not see this on a couture runway unless you walk out at the end.” Another user wrote, “It’s incomprehensible how good this is ??? literally a piece of art.” This hat is literally making me hop on the hat trend finally! I’d just have to be careful to not drop it though.

This hat perfectly melds the high-tech elements into fashion creativity to bring the concept of a pretty 3D hat to life. While the structurally inventive hat style is modern, the tie-up ribbon feature is giving it a vintage aesthetic appeal. This is something you are ought to see at the Met Gala or on the runways, but coming from a budding designer, this water hat deserves a huge shout out. I mean, I don’t know where I could wear it, since I’m not invited to the Met Gala (yet), but I sure want to add it my wardrobe, cuz look, so pretty!

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