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EXCLUSIVE! Beauty Blogger Debasree Talks About Her Makeup Brand Debasreee Beauty That’s All Set To Hit The Shelves Soon.

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This year may have put our extensive morning makeup routines down in the dumps and made us shove back our lipsticks in the back somewhere (something we could never do), but that’s what the new normal did to the beauty industry—it took the focus from everything else and let the eye makeup take the centre stage.

With most of the face covered in a dreary surgical mask, we began to channel all our beauty skills onto our eyes. Don’t know about you, but I have never stocked up on so much eye makeup before in my life. This seems like the right time to venture in eye makeup biz and that’s what Debasree Banerjee did. The Youtuber is dropping her makeup label, Debasreee Beauty soon and first of her debut products is a graphic eyeliner, which she has named D/Fine (cause, obviously!).

The brand is a brainchild of Debasree and her manager-cum-friend (and now, business partner) Nikita Nariani. They worked on the brand for about a year and are finally going to hit the stands soon for all the eye makeup fanatics to stash just in time (it’s up for pre-order though).

It was a no brainer for Debasree to pick an eyeliner for her beauty brand, considering the fact that she is practically an eye makeup wizard whose exquisite skills are unmatched. She has created some seriously impressive and tempting eye looks and honestly, I would have been disappointed if her star product wasn’t something that could make my eyes look as artistically adorned as one of the looks on her feed. The product features 15 pastel shades and come with a hashtag engraved on it (you’ll get to know why from the horse’s mouth).

We stole an exclusive with the blogger-turned-makeup mogul Debasree Banerjee and got her to spill some beans about her beauty label, what it takes to build a brand and how being a beauty influencer helped her in the process.

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Q. What inspired you to start Debasreee Beauty? What was your idea for the brand when you were coming up with it?

Debasree: When I and Nikita first thought of this idea back in December, we knew that we wanted to build a brand for sure. And, we wanted a brand that is an extension of my personality so it had to do something with the eyes and it had to be social because I wanted get the element of social media into it. Hence, #debasreee. Secondly, we were very clear to have everything made in India and it to be vegan and cruelty free.

Q. It is touted to be India’s first influencer beauty brand. How has your journey as a beauty blogger helped build your brand?

Debasree: This brand is like a gift to my community on social media because if that wasn’t there, this wouldn’t be. It’s like a way of saying thank you to them for sticking through me.

Q. Tell us about the product D/Fine. How is it different from other products already in the market?

Debasree: It’s all about graphic liners, we wanted to bring in a product that expands creativity and is artistic. Something with which people can create art in the form of makeup. We wanted it to be beyond just a usual eyeliner.

Q. Your brand is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Why is being cruelty-free important to you?

Debasree: It was one of the first things I and Nikita kept in mind. We know how aware today’s consumers are and how mindful and conscious they are.

Q. Your brand is seemingly focused on eye makeup, which is sort of given since you are big on creative eye looks. But are you going to venture into other makeup categories in the future?

Debasree: Yes, we have plans to do so. But for now, we’ll let D/FINE take the lead.

Q. How does your brand aim to fill the gap in the Indian beauty industry?

Debasree: By providing something that is gender-fluid and it will also fill the void between creativity and artistry and makeup.

Q. What is the biggest challenge in starting your own makeup line?

Debasree: There are so many, from finding the right manufacturer to cracking the packaging, the list is endless.

Q. The brand is pegged as ‘breaking definitions’. What beauty definitions you’d like Indian men and women to break?

Debasree: We’d want them to break stereotypes and make makeup as a medium to express mood and expressions in an artistic manner. Also, we are really aiming at breaking that bound of makeup being referred to as something that’s only for women. We want to make the brand extremely gender-fluid and accessible to men as well.

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