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Eijaz Khan Talks About The Time He Got Accused Of Rape By An Ex-Girlfriend. This Seems Like A Sick Way To Gain TRPs By Bigg Boss

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Bigg Boss season 14 has come along again and it might be the worse part of 2020 and this is the year that has given us the pandemic so that is saying something. Of course, this is a show where morality and reality are mere suggestions. And the TRPs depend entirely of dragging out a number of controversies, especially appropriate when you are trying to work towards a cause. And one of the recent ones to have a walk down memory lane has been season 14 contestant Eijaz Khan, who in one of the episodes talks to Siddharth Shukla about the time he had gotten involved in a ‘bohot bada kaand‘, which changed his life.

Hinting at the time when the TV actor got accused of raping his former girlfriend, Eijaz Khan went on to talk about how that incident changed his entire life. He shared, that despite him and his girlfriend having had dated for some time, things went bad after he refused to marry her after promising her to do so. He said, “I used to help all women and protect those that needed it. There was one such and later I was charged with rape because I promised I’d marry her but didn’t. She made it into a rape case and I had to go to jail.”

Eijaz Khan then further shared the aftermath of the incident and how it broke him so much so that he missed the premiere of his film Tanu Weds Manu and he had to move to Dharamshala for some time. Talking about how he still gets awkward to talk to any woman now, he shared the incident with Salman Khan too.

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And while we understand how many a time such things happen, relationships that end bad can be easily turned into something bitter and consequential as a rape case, but it is still hard for us to believe that he had no choice than to go away. Eijaz Khan also mentioned, “Hum English film dekh ke pale bade hain, humko nahi malum ki technical meaning kya hota hai”.


Meanwhile, host of the show Salman Khan lent some advice to Eijaz on the matter as he said, “Aap galat jaoge to galat dikhoge, but agar sahi ho to sahi ho na (If you go the wrong way, you will come across as inappropriate, but if you play well, you will be respected).” It literally makes no sense and we don’t even know if Salman knows what he was talking about, but apparently it was “advice.”

Well-Timed Controversy Or Sick Joke?

While the entire nation struggles with the horrific rapes in UP and the way they are being dealt with, we all know that the word rape is likely to trigger an avalanche of reactions. And knowing how the minds of the people at Bigg Boss work, we wouldn’t put it past them to rake up a crime story for a few TRPs and at this point, this story of Eijaz Khan seems like just that. We think it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel for content but then we get accused of having taste and apparently that’s no good.

The conversation that Eijaz Khan has had is worrying and he was wronged. However, to discuss this matter on a show when a nation deals with a catastrophic crime where the victim not being believed is a horrible misstep and one that could have been entirely avoided.

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