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DIY Beauty Recipes By Bollywood’s Girl Club Has Us Reaching Out For Ingredients In The Kitchen.

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It’s been 34546 days since we’ve been quarantined. At least, it feels like that long. During this time, we’ve made dalgona coffee and banana bread and watched many a celebrity go live. We’ve also seen a lot of DIY beauty recipes being whipped up by Bollywood’s Girl Club. Admittedly, we’ve not stepped out since March except for grocery and some random visits to the doctor because now we tend to panic every time there’s even an itch in the throat. Being stuck at home does have an upside though. You have a lot of spare time to indulge in self-care, which we often ignored due to hectic schedules and running around getting shit done (and there, I miss it again). Anyway, since we are perennially bored and have some extra time on our hands, we can finally look after ourselves because let’s be honest, we are in some serious need of TLC too. When was the last time I got my eyebrows done or had a clean-up? I don’t even remember because visiting salons in a complete no-no.

You don’t need an extensive skincare kit or fancy haircare products to get your beauty game back on track. You can trust the homemade beauty treatments and get glowing in no time. That, and because they are natural and fun to concoct, not to mention they save ton of money. Plus, don’t even have to risk your life to go fetch the ingredients; they are already sitting in your kitchen, fridge and pantry. Talking about the beauty tutorials, Bollywood actresses have got you covered. Yup, there are some pretty cool diy beauty recipes by Bollywood’s girls.

Seems like the celebs have been doing the same thing in the lockdown as well. Their quarantine diaries are filled with some noteworthy beauty recipes that they have learnt from their moms and grandmoms, used for years and just decided to share with their Insta fam. From face masks to body scrubs to homemade kajal, here are some celeb-approved DIY beauty recipes you can steal. Thank us later.

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Ananya’s turmeric face mask

A girl could never have enough skin products, especially those glow-boosting face masks. Well, add a homemade one to your daily skincare routine, because why not. Ananya shared her mom secret recipe for simple face mask using 3 natural ingredients. Mix yogurt, honey and turmeric and apply it on a cleansed face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it off. Don’t know about you but you mom’s seriously gonna love seeing you trying out a natural face mask for once.

Yami Gautam’s homemade kajal

Before there ever were fancy kajal pencils and liner bottles, women used to DIY kajal at home. Yami Gautam shared her nani’s best kept kajal recipe that you could copy and scoring a homemade kajal on your own from scratch. You need a lamp or a diya to begin with. Put some ghee in it and light it up. Cover it with a copper or earthen plate and let it burn overnight until the ghee burns out. Scrape off the black residue on the diya and store it in a jar. There, you made you own kajal. Feel proud! Whattey cool diy beauty recipe by a Bollywood diva.

Priyanka Chopra scalp treatment

To tell you the truth, I don’t even brush my hair some days because what’s even the point, right? But that’s certainly taken a toll on my tresses. If you are like me and have an oily scalp or your hair acts up regardless of how much you take care of it, try this natural scalp treatment that PeeCee trusts. Simply whisk some full fat yogurt, one tablespoon of honey and one egg in a bowl and put it on your scalp and hair for 30 minutes before rinsing it off. Follow it up with a baby shampoo or warm water, she suggests. Simple, right?

Malaika Arora’s coffee body scrub

If you are one of those whose morning starts with a whiff of coffee jar followed by a huge cup of hot coffee, you are going to love this body scrub. Malaika’s diy beauty recipe is a coffee scrub that uses brown sugar and coconut oil mixed with some grounded coffee. Mix them well and use it on your back, arms and legs before shower and rinse of with warm water. Shed off those dead skin cells and be smelling like coconut and coffee all day. I am getting a kick just thinking about it.

Alaya’s coffee face scrub/mask

A face scrub and mask rolled into one quick recipe, Alaya’s beauty DIY is what every busy/lazy girl needs. She uses ground coffee, honey olive oil, sugar and some milk for this versatile beauty treatment. A mix of hydrating, exfoliating and oil-zapping ingredients makes this face mask worth a try for girls with combination skin. Simply mix ’em all and scrub it and let it stay on 20 minutes before washing it off. Plus, it could be used as a body scrub to, she adds. Win-win for beauty buffs.

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