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Fashion Watchdog Diet Prada Exposes Designer Alexander Wang After Models Share Their Stories Of Being Sexually Abused By Him. This Is Sickening.

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If you are into international fashion at all and have even slightest interest in the world of design, it is highly likely that you’ve not heard Alexander Wang’s name. He is among the top A-listers and extremely powerful fashion figures of the world with celebrity friends and a long list of high-profile clientele including Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. His grungy styles and cool design aesthetics are the most talked-about collections in fashion. However, these days, the ace designer is the talk of the town for a completely different and rather disappointing reason. He has been facing allegations for sexual abuse by female, male and transgender models that he has worked with. Turns out, he has a long history of sexual harassment that is just being exposed. By who? The fashion watchdog Diet Prada!

It all began when the fashion muckraker shared Tik Tok videos of a model Owen Mooney who shared his experience of being groped by the American designer in a nightclub. After that story, many other models felt empowered enough to come forward as they spoke about their horrifying stories of sexual harassment by the designer. Wang has been abusing his power and position to assault models for years and years and until the internet decided to unmask him recently. Sexual predators need to be called out and exposed.

The designer and his celebrity friends including the supermodels mentioned above are maintaining their silence on the topic. The social media following of Wang has dropped drastically and people on internet have been posting a picture showing the middle finger to Alexander Wang stores as a representation of ‘cancelling’ him. Serves him right!


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Wang is known for being a party animal and preying on younger models. The claims made by models are chilling with accusations ranging from stripping, drugging, groping, spiking the drinks and raping men, women and trans models. Many models claim to have been underage when Wang assaulted them which is truly disturbing. A lot of times models don’t speak out against the fashion biggies because it is either taken as a publicity propaganda or their voices are hushed and oppressed by the powerful leaders of the industry. The anonymous account, Diet Prada serves as the perfect platform to build a voice and hold people accountable for their actions, no matter how famous they are.

In a long post Diet Prada wrote, “Just days after designer Alexander Wang’s birthday, where top models and celebrities celebrated the New York designer with Instagram tributes, the internet is abuzz with allegations of his predatory, substance-fueled behavior.”

We have all witnessed the power of social media this year where the careers and image of most celebrated figures and successful celebrities were destroyed overnight just because someone mustered up the courage the speak out against them. We saw this multiple times in our own country where the nepotism debate after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death rekindled the #MeToo movement where several models came forward to speak against the wrongdoings in Bollywood and fashion industry.

Indian watchdog Diet Sabya, which is actually inspired by Diet Prada, also exposed the toxic work culture in biggest fashion media houses after an intern called a company out for harassment. The anonymous social media page named and shames each fashion designer and organisation at fault. This is highly necessary and we are glad the powerful platforms are used by like Diet Sabya and Diet Prada to not only bring up these sensitive subjects but unapologetically encouraging their followers to expose the predators in the industry.

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