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Dear Kangana Ranaut, A Woman Can Choose Not To Wear Traditional Clothes And Still Be An Achiever And Proud Of Her Culture. Okay?

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I have a question. Was there ever a time when Kangana Ranaut’s tweets and interviews actually made sense? Because in the past one and a half years, she has not only failed to make sense but also ended up making insensitive, offensive and hypocritical statements on her social media. So what I want to know is if this a new skill she’s learnt recently (probably in the lockdown) or we are just finding it out now? Whatever it is, Kangana is definitely committed to making disrespectful tweets and the saga continues. In a bid to stay relevant, she made another irrelevant tweet about women’s sartorial choices which made Twitter facepalm once again. She posted an appreciation post for women achievers, first doctors from Japan, Syria and India, who posed in their country’s traditional attire. However, it was basically a humiliation post in disguise for women who wear anything else. 

She wrote, “Appreciation tweet for ancient women who not only represented their individuality but their entire civilisation,cultures and nations. Today if such achievers are to be clicked they will all wear torn American jeans n rags like blouses,representing nothing but American marketing.” The funny thing is that Kangana here is trying hard to pose herself as a seriously sanskari Bhartiya nari who is against western outfits, especially a pair of ragged and ripped jeans from America, but she probably forgot that she made this statement on Twitter, a platform which takes no time to dig up proof of hypocrisy. It did what it does best. It flooded her comment section with pictures of her wearing some torn rag jeans and some outfits representing American marketing.

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She has worn these outfits herself on multiple occasions, but that’s not even the point. Even if we ignore her hypocrisy, like we do for most of her tweets, (‘cause honestly, no point), this is just wrong and disrespectful. A woman’s clothes have nothing to do with her achievement. She could be very proud of her culture and still wear an international brand or a western attire on an important day of her career. So, we really don’t get what she’s trying to imply here.  

Take Kiran Bedi, the first women IPS officer for example. She doesn’t wear any traditional attire but that doesn’t make her any less of a proud patriot or any less of an achiever. Another female achiever, Arundhati Roy who is the first Indian woman to win the Booker Prize has posed in western wear in several magazine covers. Then there’s Indira Nooyi. The examples are endless. So, Kangana, what’s your point? 

I don’t think we don’t need to be clad in a saree to prove that we cherish our roots and are proud of our culture. Even the Indian fashion industry is so vast and versatile that you cannot restrict women’s attire in one single clothing item–saree. Also, before globalisation took place, women didn’t have a choice but to wear their traditional costumes. However, later, even Indian women, achievers in their field,  began wearing skirts, pants and other western outfits even. An achiever is an achiever, regardless of what she chooses to wear. 

Plus, the fact that she has also worn forgein brands and western outfits on global red carpets, at Cannes and other events just makes this tweet even more nonsensical coming from her. Kangana, yaa get a life! 

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