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#Culture: While Kalki Koechlin May Want To Be Hairy, Team Hauterfly Has Been Exploring Options To Get Rid Of Hair And We Have Some Things You Can Try

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This is probably the longest I’ve gone without my monthly trip to the salon. It was like a religious thing to go to the salon every once or twice a month when I went in feeling like a wild boar and I would come back all smooth and hairless, everywhere. Although I hated making that trip because it always involved pain, I really loved the whole hairless, freshly plucked chicken kind of skin I had. Of course, that would mean I would have to endure the pain of waxing. At that point. I would curse the gender stereotyping that forces us to roam without a strand of hair on our body except for head, lashes and brows. But then, I also loved the feeling of buttery smooth skin so…never mind.

But things are different now! Since the lockdown started, I had been wallowing in self-pity in my hairy existence, hoping salons would open up soon. You feel me? But obviously, and thankfully, they didn’t. So finally, one day I took the matters into my own hands and pledged to remove all wispy and annoying body hair out myself.

And then I see a picture of Kalki Koechlin with her boyfriend, both of them growing hair in their armpits and I questioned everything I believed. Maybe it was okay to be hairy and not shave and wax and do everything you do. And I am sure there are plenty of men and women who come from that school of thought. But hey, don’t @me if I like myself without hair. While I can certainly appreciate where Kalki is coming from – a place of acceptance – I am not sure I want to jump on to that bandwagon just yet.

If you are thinking, well, that sounds like me. I like being, well, defuzzed. But if you aren’t sure what to use and how to do it, we’ve got you covered. If you ask me, there is no single answer. I mean, I use a razor for my arms and legs, epilator for my upper lips and a tweezer for my brows. Before you haw, yes, I have to dedicate a whole day just for my at-home hair removal sesh, but at least I do not look like second cousin to a gorilla so it’s fine.

Similarly, you can use whatever suits you the best. If you are low on options of hair removal tools and products, let team Hauterfly help you. Here is what team HF is using to keep hairless at home in lockdown. No horror stories, promise!

Okay there might be some, but deal with it.

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Our Managing Editor, Mansi Shah, says, “I use an epilator. I know a lot of people think it’s super painful but I have been using it in-between salon appointments for many years now. In fact, I have not gotten my legs waxed at a salon for many years now. I think it used to be painful but not so much now. Now I just plug it in and I am ready to go. I actually am glad invested in an epilator.”

Sama Meerza, our social media executive, says “I use razor to get rid of the body hair and for upper lips I let my mum do it. Post one session with mom, I’m missing half of my skin but that works for me. Because who needs skin when you don’t have hair?”

Mitali Shah, our lifestyle writer is veering more towards DIY waxing strips. I have been wanting to try those but I have been wary. Though Mitali does seem comfortable with it. “I use Veet wax strips and sometimes a razor. And my eyebrows look like Kajol’s from her earlier movies. I do have cuts all over my leg but at least I have no hair.”

Another lifestyle writer, Sadhika Sehgal, tends to favour these wax strips too. Maybe I should try these. “Veet wax strips! And a lot courage into letting a friend try to pluck at your brows,” she says.

Akanksha Narang, who handles our lifestyle and relationship section says, “I used an epilator and it works pretty well. I plucked my eyebrows myself and that’s been manageable too. However, since Urban Clap is functioning now, I got professional service and they really were very careful and followed all safety measures.”

There, you have it. Not one but five different options to keep the pesky hair at bay. This is what team Hauterfly is using as their hair removal treatment at home. You can try these or go for other options as well like hair removal creams that are painless and super quick or an at-home wax kit.

I know getting a waxing at a salon you’ve been going to since you were a teen is still a nightmare, so obviously doing it yourself at home can haunt you even more. But don’t worry, just grab someone to help you like a friend or your mom and you’ll be good.

The options are unlimited to get rid of unwanted hair. But that is, if you want to. Otherwise, if you want to let your brows grows or dye your armpit hair pink, that’s totally your choice and exactly what you should do.

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