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#Culture: A Website Is Offering To Pay Couples 2 Lakhs To Have Sex On A Mattress And Review It. Talk About Mixing Business With Pleasure!

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Getting paid for having sex might rub some people the wrong way (innuendo intended). But would you do it in the name of science and research? Or if the money being offered was $3000, which is roughly 2.2 Lakh rupees? Oh and let’s not forget, a free mattress too. Turns out, a website called Sleep Standards is seducing couples with money and mattress, if they are willing to have sex on different mattress and review it for the website. I kid you not. They website has invited couples (with a trigger warning for singles to keep away) to fill in a form on their website with details about what this research might construe.

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Sleep Standards isn’t a creepy voyeur, no. It is a website that tells you about the best in the sleeping business, from mattresses and pillows to information about sleep health. Since August 18 is National Couples’ Day in the US of A, the site wants to be able to point its readers to the best mattress for doing the hanky-panky. Pretty sure, every mattress brand comes with its own scientific mumbo jumbo about why it is the best, but nothing beats practical experience, right? And so, Sleep Standards is offering 5 couples the chance to be their test subjects!

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The experiment, or should I call it sexperiment, spans 8 weeks in total. Each week, each of the 5 couples will get a different mattress to take home and test, because privacy. These are 8 of the highest rated mattresses for sex in the market currently, which the couples will have to have sex on and review. As specified on the website, the reviews will have to be extremely detailed and honest (meaning if the mattress is too soft to disrupt your sexual position, you’re probably going to have to mention it). To help with the review, there are basic parameters also provided, which will be rated by the couples on a scale of 1 to 10: Bounciness, Noise, Firmness, Edge Support, Comfort, Cooling and Overall Score! The couple can even choose to remain anonymous while participating in the research.

And no, they don’t need to do it under observation. They can try the mattresses out in the comfort of their homes.

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It looks like Sleep Standards is really serious about this research because their form asks for details like where and how the couple has met, and even social media details of the participants! I wonder if there’s going to be one of those montage videos at the end of the research, where the couples faces are blurred as their life story plays out and they vouch for the mattress that gives them the best bang for their buck, quite literally.

Unfortunately, this is open only for residents of the United States. But if it were open to all, would you be willing to participate? I mean, not only do you get paid a lot of money, you’re also getting to take home the best mattresses in the business, which is definitely not going to be cheap either. I’d say it is a win-win.

If you’re still not convinced, maybe you should sleep on it!

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