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Cottagecore Fashion Is The Summer Trend You Need To Try If You Want To Escape The Pandemic Blues STAT

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Imagine yourself in one of those Taylor Swift music videos where she is wearing a floral maxi dress, head scarf and minimal makeup and taking a walk in the countryside. That’s what summer dreams are made of, right? That, my friend is the cottagecore aesthetic you just imagined yourself in. Due to the pandemic, we had to give up on the summer restoration this year and had to miss out on picnics and park strolls and trips to scenic towns but the social media feeds are giving all the relaxing travel vibes with the fashion trend #cottagecore.

Summer is about to get over in a few weeks but turns out we are not ready to bid adieu. Maybe we are trying to compensate for the lost time by holding on to the summery aesthetics. What started out as an Instagram aesthetic, this fad has now elevated to being the biggest fashion and beauty trend on our social media feeds, including Instagram (and TikTok) with over 740000 posts already.

It reminds you of the simpler times and summer travel settings, things we’ve not experienced lately. The cottagecore trend has officially taken over the fashion and beauty world and our social media feeds are flooded with the aesthetically pleasing, sunset-filtered photos with gorgeous OOTD looks by the Instagrammers. If this has piqued your interest, here is some Insta-worthy looks and a 101 on how nail the trend.

What is cottagecore trend?

It is all about making a fashion statement by mentally transporting yourself to a place relaxing and humble, you know where there are cottages and sunsets and little farm animals. It shouldn’t be too hard considering we are dying for a trip to a tranquil place like that. It takes you back to the summer vacay to a countryside simply by playing dress up. Holding a flower basket, grab your girl tribe and put the modest setting in the background for the perfect cottagecore Insta post.

How to pull off the Cottagecore fashion and beauty


Cottagecore fashion is easy. Like I mentioned before, it’s everything you’d wear for spending a relaxing day on the countryside. Think printed skirts, long maxi dresses, a frilly cotton dress or literally any floral summer dress would work. Not a fan of skirts and dresses? You could go with co-ords with an off-shoulder top and shorts. They key to nail the cottagecore fashion is make your look as summery and simple as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to pair it with some super cute flats, strappy or otherwise.

Talking about cottagecore beauty, keep your makeup minimal with some hint of blush, lip tint and oodles of mascara. Throw on a scarf or a headband to go with it and keep your hair wavy and messy like it was done like that by the wind. Or, put on a straw sun hat to take the fashion game up a notch. You could also go for milkmaid braids. You know, the simple and subtle beauty statement to go with the simplistic setting. The more I think about it, the more it looks you should appear like you’ve had a romp in the sack with a stable boy.

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This trend is raging on the Instagram with more than 74k posts. Something tells us, its not going anywhere anytime soon and might stick around fall too. The only addition would be a classic knitwear over the dress and boots to your look. The more uploads there are, the more variations of the trends sprout up. For instance, some cottagecore posts had a mellow sunset eye makeup and the other had cute denim overalls. So, it basically up to you how you want to spruce up the trend.

A lot of celebrities and Instagram influencers have already hopped on board and are seemingly loving the trend. This is a rather refreshing fashion and beauty trend that has popped up in the pandemic and we are loving every bit of dreamy vibe it has. I mean, a late afternoon setting, comfy summer dress and minimal makeup—doesn’t it make for the perfect trend to take your minds off the trying times? Plus, it’s oh-so beautiful! I am sold.

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