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Listen Up, Brides-To-Be! Bookmark These Striking Blouse Back Designs To Make Your Wedding Outfit Stand Out

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Regardless of what ethnic outfit brides are wearing for their wedding or those multiple ceremonies that line up prior and post your big day, the blouse is one thing that can totally make or break their look. Be it a saree or a lehenga, teaming it with a blouse that brings together modern aesthetics and traditional design can turn even your basic outfits into extremely gorgeous and glamourous ones. And, getting blouse with a striking back design is the simplest way to do that.

Although there are a lot stylistic elements like ruffles, dramatic sleeves, 3d embroidery and an embellished neckline to make a blouse an eye-catcher, nothing beats a sexy back design. I mean, you can literally turn heads with a blouse back that perfectly amplifies your traditional look! If you are done with boring designs and outdated cut-outs, here are some refreshing looks that are nothing less than statement-making.

From a modern update to the traditional dori blouses to quirky and personalised designs on the back that brides are opting for, here is a complete list of all the cool and contemporary blouse back designs you’d want to bookmark for your wedding. Take these to your designer and make your bridal outfit as stunning as it can get!

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Dories and latkans


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Classic and timeless doris are inseparable from the traditional blouse designs because they provide a perfect fitting for one, and you can’t compromise on that. Plus, the strings tied up at that back certainly make your outfit super sexy! However, nobody said you can’t experiment with these doris and have to stick with the same details that are done to death. Instead of the doris of the same fabric as your blouse (that was the rule), go with contrasting colours, pretty thread materials, longer in length, with cute latkans at the end to make it a stunning showcase. Also, in 2020, we are wearing them at the lower hemline as opposed to the neckline.

Personalised blouse


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In case you didn’t know, weddings are all about adding personalised elements to every tiny detail for the brides today, be it their accessories, outfits or wedding décor. We have seen customised latkans, kaleera covers and even personalised nathanis that brides are going for. How could they leave the one fashion staple that is the most important part of their look that’s on full display? Personalised bridal blouses with the names of the bride and groom embroidered on the back are picking up steam in the bridal fashion space and we love everything about it. Don’t you?

Fancy cut-outs


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Blouses with cut-out details are not new but millennial brides and designers have definitely gotten more creative and stylishly innovative with the designs. Take this trendy cut-out design for example. Who said blouse cut-outs could only be weird geometric shapes? You can get pretty artistic and get yourself a wedding-themed blouse made featuring cute motifs of baraat, bride and groom, umbrella and more on the back. If that’s too OTT for you, you could also go for a minimal cut-out like an aesthetic window peeking through. You do need a very talented designer to score this blouse, so better start looking for one and put them on your speed dial!

Strings Attached


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Not a fan of doris and all the hassle that comes with them? They loosen up, messing your fit, get stuck in everything from your hair to your necklaces and are just too cumbersome to handle. So, if you are one of those brides who want their outfit to be as fuss-free as possible, here is a more practical and more chic substitute for the classic dori. Get the string-like aesthetic stitched and add some pretty and colourful tassels on them to make your blouse look peppy and incredibly sexy. The stitched-up strings enhance your traditional number just as your doris would, without the whole tying-up drama.

Dangling details

If you are looking for a design that isn’t just modern and trendy but also beautiful and feminine at the same time, you could go for a part-sheer part-opaque back blouse with beaded chains dangling in the between, from what looks like a scooped neckline. If your saree or lehenga is relatively minimal and has understated work, you can amp up the look with this elaborate blouse back design. Notice the button down details and contrasting beads that are giving this bridal blouse an elegant and fashionable appeal!

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