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Billie Eilish Was Trolled For Her Weight Because She Doesn’t Conform To What Society Thinks Is Desirable. She Gave It Back

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Celebrities get trolled left, right and centre but the sad thing is that seldom it is for their work and mostly about how they look and what they wear. They are slyly snapped at odd hours while strolling in the streets, grabbing their morning coffee or running errands and while one might think it’s just a part of the package, their glamour life that is, it’s not entirely fair to them to be hounded like that and then be trolled on various social media platforms. While some celebs turn a deaf ear to these trolls, other clapback and shut them right. But there are some who respond in such a cool and honest way, it leaves us boggled. We are talking about the ‘Bad Guy’ singer Billi Eilish who recently responded to the trolls who called her fat.

It was a couple of months ago that the popstar was photographed in a camisole top and shorts, which was unlikely since she is spotted in baggy clothes most of the time. The netizens judged her for her appearance and assumed she had gained a few pounds. Recently, in an interview with a magazine, Billie was asked the biggest rumour about her, to which she mentioned the body shaming incident. She said, “There’s this picture of me, like, running from my car to my brother’s front door — on like, a 110-degree day, in a tank top. Everyone’s like, ‘Damn, Billie got fat!’”


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She then cleared the air by the most honest reply to the trolls. She said, “And I’m like, ‘Nope, this is just how I look! You’ve just never seen it before!’” The point is even if she had put on weight, it’s nobody business to comment on her size. The 18-year-old singer has been vocal about body image issues and insecurities about her appearance in the past. In fact, she revealed that she prefers wearing baggy clothes because she didn’t want to be judged on the basis of her appearance. But guess, these online trolls never miss a chance to degrade and demean someone, especially if they are a celebrity.

The mean tweets about her size back then sparked outrage among her fans on social media who defended the singer saying she’s beautiful. A user who tweeted her picture with the caption “In 10 months Billie Eilish has developed a mid-30’s wine mom body,” got slammed with people commenting “Imagine shaming an 18 year old, who has stated SHE WEARS BAGGY CLOTHES SO SHE DOESNT GET COMMENTS ON HER BODY!!” Another user commented, “Im sorry? Are you expecting her to be well dressed and accessorized always? Are you expecting her to do whatever it takes to satisfy your hurting eyes? Because GOD FORBID you can’t look at anyone that isn’t your ideal body shape.”


Billie has always been an advocate of body positivity and said she’s glad her fans relate to her. She said, “I think yeah, the reason people are looking up to you is because you’re you. They’re not looking up to you so that you’ll tell them something that you never actually tell them. They’re looking up to you so that you tell them something that you would tell them yourself. She added further, “I love having kids relate to me and tell me that I make them feel comfortable in their bodies. If I can do anything, I wanna do that.”

Celebrities or not, we really need to stop scrutinizing people’s appearances and start normalising women having curves, being skinny, having acne and not fitting into the standardised mould of beauty set by the society, because guess what, real women may not be perfect but they are beautiful. We just want to say one thing to these trolls who body shame women—don’t be the ‘bad guy’!

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