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Maskne Fighters, Dark Circle Treatments Due To Zoom Face, 2021 Will Be The Year Of Beauty Innovations

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It may not be entirely fair to 2021 but we have a lot of expectations from this year. After being forced into resisting any beauty splurges, going months without salon appointments and cutting our bangs, we are ready to dive into the new year with a new viewpoint towards beauty. Since the pandemic completely changed our lifestyles in the past few months, the trends for 2021 would be largely influenced by these changes and alterations and you can expect some cool beauty innovations and never-seen-before products and ingredients to make in appearance on the beauty circuit.

For us, a beauty reboot is in order, now that 2020 has left us with some much-needed lessons regarding health, hygiene and self-care (important thing is that it left). As we begin to return to our usual routines, we are looking forward to the biggest beauty trends that will dominate this year. If the trend reports are to be believed, we’d be investing in some innovative beauty products and high-tech treatments to recover from the exhausting year that was. You would be seeing a lot of Zoom-inspired treatments, fixes to your face mask problems, addition of new categories and a fresh approach towards skincare and makeup.

From HEV blocking ingredients to beauty sanitizers, here are 5 beauty trends that will be huge this year.

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Anti-Blue Light Ingredients


For the longest time, I was delusional thinking working from home wouldn’t really increase my screen time but here we are with no EOD timings and never-ending online meetings. The blue light from the screen not only affects your eye sight but also damages your skin. It speeds up ageing by penetrating into the skin and causes wrinkles, dark circles and skin laxity. To protect your skin from the HEV (high energy visible) light, skincare ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide would be infused in products that act as a barrier on your skin from the radiations of the screen.

Maskne products


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As if you weren’t already struggling with the acne induced by oily food, sweat, PMS, there’s a new category of the annoying zit—maskne. Face masks has been an unavoidable accessory which results in accumulation of sweat and oil on face, resulting in acne in the area covered by your mask. In 2021, skin experts are dropping some maskne killers in the form of soothing face mists, serums and creams that you can use to avoid breaking out.



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Move over 12-step Korean skincare routines. If we learnt anything from 2020, it was that life’s short and uncertain and we don’t want to spend half of it slathering a dozen products on our faces. A minimalistic approach would be the way to go this year for skincare and beauty in general. The emerging hype for beauty practices like slugging which involves one product—Vaseline—for hydration in the last couple of months demonstrates that multipurpose products and reduced routines would be preferred in 2021. The lazy girl in me kinda loves this one.

Cosmetic treatments


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The beauty business saw a surge in cosmetic procedures and you can thank long zoom call sessions for that. Staring at self on these video calls have been making people reflect upon the minor imperfections and to enhance the facial appearance or “Zoom face” as they call it, cosmetic treatments like eye lift or blepharoplasty, dark circles removal and lash extensions and acne removal would be high in demand to look better on zoom calls.

Product Disinfectants


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The pandemic has forced us to stress over (quite literally) our hygiene habits. I can’t believe we didn’t sanitize every nook and corner of the house when someone visited our house earlier or let the parlour aunty use the same brushes on us that she used on someone else. Seriously, how were we alive for this long? Anyway, beauty sanitisation has also got the attention it deserved this year with a new category of germ-killing sprays like the  introduced on the shelf. Beauty and makeup disinfectants would now appear on every must-have beauty products list that you’ll read and the reason is obvious—we don’t want to die.

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