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Is It A Mask? Is It A Hoodie? It’s A Balaclava! This New Headgear Trend Is Ruling The Fashion World And We Approve

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Unpopular opinion: winter fashion is so much cooler and stylish than summer styles. The common belief is that since winter clothes and accessories mostly feature stiff fabric, deep, dark and dull colour palette and minimal to no prints and pattern, it’s a sartorial snoozefest. However, the way I see it there is a plethora of styles, multiple layers and cool accessories to work with that you could create a different look everyday even with limited number outfits. Take winter headgears for instance. There are chic beanies and winter hats that you could pair with a bunch of looks. And, the latest one to join this category is a balaclava. No, not the Turkish dessert (although it sounds like that). It’s a knitted headgear that covers your entire head, face and your neck barring just your nose and eyes. Wait till you declare it as a fashion fail. It’s actually pretty stylish and versatile, and the hottest winter trend that’s gaining momentum right now. 

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Beanies and knitted caps pretty much did the job for us in the winters and we never thought we could also do with some face covering too until the pandemic hit and it became a compulsion to cover the lower part of our face. No one really thought that it would continue till winters but it did and that was the time when we started cherishing the accessory even more as the face covering protected half of our face from the bitter cold as well. A balaclava is a headgear that keeps your face covered up and safe (although you do need a face mask under for protection from the coronavirus). 

Yes, I admit it reminds you a lot of your monkey cap that your mom forcibly used to make you wear for school. But a balaclava is a more stylish version of that and can be worn several ways for a different look every time you step out in the cold. It can be worn as simply a cap or a mask over your mouth and nose, a neck wrap or a cap completely covering your head, neck and face. All you have to do it fold it to make the kind of accessory you want to sport.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at how these Instagrammers are styling the look. 


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Wear a balaclava in bright gorgeous hue with your monotone or neutral hued outfit for that pop of colour. Let the hoodie part of it lose to wear it as a neck muffler.   


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If you thought monkey caps aren’t for the cool kids, this look will definitely change your mind. 


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Get one in a pastel shade and a chic knit pattern to alleviate your winter look. 

Here’s a disclaimer: Don’t buy the three-hole one if you don’t want to look like a creepy mugger. Rest, have fun with the different styles.   

If you still aren’t convinced, here’s a little news for you. Beyoncé has worn the trendy headgear a couple of times on her tours and even in the Ivy Park ad. I mean, she is apparently a fan too, just saying. 

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