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At This Lipstick Studio, You Make Your Own Lip Shade And Take It Home. Here’s What Happened When We Tried It

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I have often watched videos of people custom-making their lipstick at a bachelorette party and while others might be taken by the details of the decor and wine, I am always watching slack-jawed as the women choose their shades, flitting from the bright pinks to the tantalising reds and then they, with a gentle flick of a well-manicured nail, choose a customised lipstick. This is then poured into a bullet, the process of which is fascinating, as the women sit around delicately laughing over champagne. In the background, people run around with gloves, chatting in hushed tones and deftly mixing the chosen colours to make the customised lipstick. A lipstick bullet is the handed to the ladies. Then, picking up their assortment of designer handbags, they step out of the studio, blinding people with fabulously, deeply painted lips, their heels clicking against the gravel as they disappear into the welcoming coolness of their cars. Cars that our worth our kidney and then some.

I was just setting the scene because I always thought that making a customised lipstick would involve lots of money, an organ donation (voluntary or involuntary) and that you would only be allowed if you were cloaked in designer wear. So imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out about Liphue, a lipstick customisation store based in Hyderabad. Are all my dreams of owning a customised lipstick finally coming true? Have I dramatically collapsed in a heap on the floor because of this? Yes and yes.

I hopped over to their website with an urgency reserved by many for only dire situations and got excited. You could choose from a range of colours, yes, but what had me beyond excited was that you could see how it would look on you before you placed the order. It’s truly a customised lipstick and that immersive experience really had me going. A few days later, my lipstick arrived in a shiny, diamond-y exterior bullet and inside the colour was rich, luscious and true to the colour on the website. I finally had my customised lipstick in my hand.

I must admit, my excitement had a hiccup when I realised the lipstick was broken but I imagine that the long journey it has made had something to do with it. The colour of my customised lipstick was absolutely spot on and it went on my lips easily. Because I chose a creamy finish, the Liphue lipstick didn’t feel heavy, or cakey or drying and I give it full marks for that.

Overall, I enjoyed the whole process of creating a customised lipstick for myself but I imagine that if I were actually go to the studio, it would be like a kickass experience. You could take a bunch of your girlfriends, make a day out of it and what not. Oh man, all of us womxn, sipping on some cocktails and getting a customised lipstick made.Sounds like a dream.

Interestingly, when I had a chat with the owner, Dyuti, she mentioned that the most difficult shade to find wasn’t a fabulous red or a eye-blinding pink but actually a nude. Wait, what? Yes, and apparently lots of people looking for customised lipsticks are looking for the perfect shade of nude. See, I told you this was fascinating.

Hop over to their website to place an order.



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