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There Is A Chair Bag That You Can Wear But Can’t Put Anything In. Then Again, You Won’t Have Any Money Left, So That’s Okay

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We are no strangers to the weird fashion trends by now. We have seen plenty ridiculous clothes and accessories on the runways (think beekeeping suits, inverted eyeglasses and ripped stockings) in 2020 (nothing really surprises me anymore this year, TBH). While some of them were outright nonsensical, other just made us say WTF! But here is something that is a double whammy. Remember mini bags? Well, fashion brand Area has taken the concept of those minuscule accessories and launched a chair bag which is basically as useless as well, the mini bags.

You know, with those mini bags, I could still fit in some snack like peanuts (read salary) or my self-esteem after I’ve double texted my crush, if not my whole world. But I have no idea why I am being made to believe that I need a little crystalised chair across my body. They don’t feature secured pouch and a closing flap; it’s just a folding chair. I think it might be called Nilkamal. Which reminds me, who called it a bag even? Isn’t a bag something that you use to keep your stuff in? We don’t know the purpose of the bag but something sure doesn’t sit right (excuse the pun).


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I mean, it’s a pretty and shiny accessory if you look at it, adorned with tiny crystals and a bedazzling chain, but I don’t see the point (I’ve tried, trust me). And, for this gorgeously worthless item, I am not emptying 65 grands for sure. Yup, the chair bag is priced at US $895 and is available for ordering, in case someone wants to add it to their…I want to say bag collection? Well, you decide!

The chair made an appearance for the first time during the IRL fashion week on the 2020 fall/winter runway where models wore the chairs as crossbody bags. The collection also features tiny crystal chair earrings in similar design and a a striking red hue. The brand is known for their artistic and statement-making crystalised accessories and have celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Cardi B in their list of clientele.


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This year has been exclusively crazy not just in terms of unexpected events but also the fashion trends that were introduced to us. Looks like fashion is really getting wilder and weirder, which is fine as long as I can make some use out of it. Talking about the chair bag, I think it would probably look nicer and more apt on my nightstand than across my body as an accessory. Also, I don’t want to break my bank account to buy a bag I can’t even use. I’d never hear the end of it from my mom.

However, I am going to save a picture of this bag in my phone. On the days I am feeling quite useless, I’d simply look at this bag to ‘chair’ myself up (again, excuse the pun).

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