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SSR Fans Troll Ankita Lokhande For Partying On Her Birthday. So She’s Supposed To Stop Living Because A Loved One Died?

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Do you know which is the most diligent and hardworking police department in our country? Ten points to you if you guessed it’s the moral police! They do not miss a single chance to enforce their morality on anyone, whether it is a common citizen or a celebrity. They work hard to compose (albeit grammatically wrong) posts and tweets to troll those who’ve broken their code of conduct. The only way to sway them is to pay them, but sometimes even that might not work because their mindset is too rigid. One of their favourite type of cases is policing people’s expression of grief of the lack thereof. And the most recent criminal in their books is Ankita Lokhande. The former girlfriend of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput celebrated her birthday recently in a manner that was not acceptable to the moral police.


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On December 19, the Pavitra Rishta actress celebrated her birthday with friends and family at a fun bash.


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Ankita’s parents, some of her costars, her boyfriend Vicky Jain and friend and industry peer Rashami Desai were also spotted in the many videos and photos that are circulating on social media. The actress looked lovely in a sparkly champagne gold dress, surrounded by loved ones, as she cut her two-tiered white birthday cake.


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Ankita herself posted a video of her birthday celebration on her Instagram.



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A post shared by Ankita Lokhande (@lokhandeankita)


I remember coming across the photos and videos of Ankita Lokhande having a blast at her birthday and thinking, “Oh there’s going to be at least one comment about how she’s wrong in celebrating because how could she with SSR dying just six months ago?” And as if on cue, the trolls did exactly that.

Pandering to their most important duty, the trolls tried to shame Ankita Lokhande for living her life. Her ex-boyfriend, whom she claims to love (not be in love with, there’s a difference) died a tragic death just months ago. She needs to be like the grieving widow right now, have a very sombre cake-cutting if she absolutely has to, and that’s it. What is this behaviour of wearing bold outfits in flamboyant colours and dancing like no one’s watching? Because SSR’s fans are watching na. They’re watching your every step, to make sure you’ “grieving him right”.

One of the major problems with Ankita’s party was that it was attended by Sandeep Ssingh. For those unaware, Singh is a producer and a friend of Sushant. On the fateful day of SSR’s death, Ssingh was the first one to arrive on the scene, and even helped SSR’s sister while she took care of the formalities at the hospital. However, suspicious have surfaced about Sandeep Ssingh’s story of what might’ve happened, and he is also one of the people likely to be further questioned about SSR’s death.

Naturally, his presence at the birthday party of Ankita Lokhande, the ex-girlfriend who has been seeking justice for SSR’s death, questioning Rhea Chakraborty’s motives, and grieving her friend and former boyfriend’s death, did not go down smoothly for fans.

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It’s easy to say that SSR fans are perhaps overdoing their grief. But if I said that, I’d be becoming one them, the moral police that tells people how they should grieve. Besides, I belong to a few fandoms too, and I know that even if we have no personal connection with the celebs or actors that we thus love, adore and idolise, the grief we can feel over their loss or even their character’s loss, can be quite profound and heartbreaking.

But here’s the thing. The fans do need to stop telling the people who knew Sushant Singh Rajput, or were his friends and family, to keep presenting proofs of how much they loved and cared for him, and how much the mourn him. The death of a loved one does not imply that people stop living their lives. If Ankita Lokhande wants to celebrate her birthday, she should be allowed to do it however she wants. It does not diminish any of the grief she feels over losing SSR. Moreover, it could be that celebrating like that helped her get those few moments of carefree joy that she might not have felt since SSR passed.

Many fans pointed out how this partying and fraternising with Sandeep Ssingh indicated that Ankita Lokhande was perhaps putting up an act of mourning and wanting justice for Sushant Singh Rajput. It was all a big publicity stunt. I understand, to a certain extent, why they might’ve felt betrayed by that. But it still does not give them any right to troll her so cruelly. It’s you who fell for the alleged publicity stunt, didn’t you? You, the fans, who were so quick to jump on the bandwagon of anyone who tried to rally you to seek justice.

And we are seeing this increasingly happen with women. It’s like we simply can’t win. Rhea Chakraborty was literally witch hunted for her role in SSR’s death (nothing, as proved by investigation reports) and she even spent time in jail. And 6 months on, armchair activists are back, shouting hoarse, upset that Ankita won’t live by the rules they’ve defined for her. Of course, everyone thinks it’s perfectly okay to comment on what she chooses to do. And she was Sushant’s ex girlfriend.

So maybe this time, instead of blindly aiming your outrage at everything in your sight, just keep a calm head on your shoulders, and really think. Your trolling doesn’t help. Your moral policing of people’s grief and trolling them for completely normal things doesn’t help either. It just makes you a nuisance.

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