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Ananya Panday Sported Three Looks For The Promotions Of Khaali Peeli And They Were All So Unflattering On Her

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For a movie buff, it was difficult to accept the fact that the new releases were shelved for a while during the lockdown. However, here’s some good news regarding the pandemic. The daily corona cases are declining and the curve seems to be finally bending. Not sure if this is finally the coronavirus bidding adieu or just a short-term fall that would later be branded as an illusion, but it has proved to be a reason enough for the government to lift restrictions further (god help us) and open schools, restaurants and oh, theatres. While things steadily become normal and theatres open, some events are still happening virtually to ensure safety like the promotions of movies. Ananya Panday and Ishan Khatter are busy e-promoting their latest release Khaali Peeli and you know what that means. Fashion looks galore!

However, this time, it was more nay, that yay. Looks like Ananya Panday is on fashion fail spree. She rocked one boring look after another which is so unlikely of her because the millennial star always has her style game on point. Maybe it was the lack of enthusiasm for the virtual event or she’s just given up on fashion, all her three looks failed terribly at the fashion charts. See for yourself.

Here are the three looks Ananya sported for the promotions of Khaali Peeli that will probably make her think ‘WTF was I thinking’ later in the years. We know we are thinking the same!

How NOT To Do Leather

For the latest promotional event, Ananya wore a leather off-shoulder top and multicoloured shorts both by Pink Porcupines which would probably go down as the worst fashion look in the history of the fashion looks. It’s such a major disappointment that I would need a couple of minutes to decide where to start. Leather is a risky fashion element to pull off (points for taking the fashion risk). However, it’s not like Ananya can’t pull off leather; she clearly opted for a wrong outfit option.

We like the neon green zip detailing on the top but that’s pretty much it. The sleeves are a huge turn off. This is not the kind of statement sleeves we would like to see. TBH, the puffy sleeves remind me of Rachel’s prom dress from Friends. Also, those shorts don’t seem they’ve been ironed and make the whole outfit look shabby and unappealing. Plus, the twinset doesn’t really compliment her bod’ and we think she could have gone with something cooler and playful and something that fit her like a glove.

Bralette Top + Camo Pants = Weird Combo

Okay, I’m on board with the black bandage bralette top. It’s stunning. But does it really go with the camouflaged trousers? We are not sure. I think she was going for the whole sexy meets casual thingy but ended up with (low-key) party on the top, athleisure on the bottom which is kinda throwing us off. Her OOTD could have some X factor which it is majorly missing. She paired it with gladiator heels which, again, is meh! The makeup is bomb, though which sort of balances out the totally off outfit so we’ll give her this one.

The Sad Yellow Dress

For the first promotional junket, Ananya wore a bright yellow lace dress by Michael Costello. Now, this is specifically disappointing since the designer has an array of stunning dresses and a gorgeous collection of sultry gowns and she picked the boring lace dress. Why? She could have literally worn anything else. I mean, it was the year 2005 when we were gushing over the lacy off-shoulder dresses but now, they fall under the snoozefest category. The dress apparently costs a little over INR 16k but failed to make her look like a million bucks.

The makeup and hair are again yawn and don’t save the day. This look is so boring I dozed off twice while writing about it. It’s not like the look lacks glamour, but it seriously lacks glamour and we are not amused. Maybe even she didn’t like it, that’s why she didn’t post it on her feed. Good call!

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We have crushed over a bunch of looks she has rocked in the past and that includes her high-on glam red carpet looks as well as cool street wear looks. She is always experimenting with styles and silhouettes, colours, and even makeup looks and hairstyles. This time too, I was expecting some great looks. Why? You’d think she would drop some seriously chic looks after months of house arrest and absolutely no chance of dressing up, but here we are. Girl, what happened? I’ll just leave with this. We hope she steps up her fashion game because TBH, inn looks ko dekh ke fashion police sharma jaegi.

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