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After Cottagecore Fashion, Lovecore Trend Is The Dreamiest Internet Aesthetic To Take Over The Fashion World. We Heart It!

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When it comes to fashion and beauty trends, social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have topped the list of trendsetters. Runways and celebrity wardrobes aren’t the go-to anymore to keep up with the everyday fashion aesthetics. There have been a number of trends that were born on, picked up by and lived their course on our feeds (think eyebrow trends, house dresses, napkin tops and the most instafamous fashion trend, athleisure). However, lately, rather than an article or a look, we have been spotting fashion mood boards or aesthetics that demonstrates a certain feel taking off as a trend in beauty and fashion. This is the ‘core club’ that channels a vibe or mood and turns it into a fashion trend.

After cottagecore fashion, the latest internet aesthetic being loved by the fashion loyalists is the lovecore trend. Contrary to its summery and chilled out predecessor, lovecore is the exciting aesthetic with interesting colours like pink and red which you usually see everywhere around the Valentine’s Day. Tapping into the lovey-dovey vibes way before the Valentine’s Day, lovecore trend is all about adorable heart emoji prints, cute motifs, red and pink colour palette, sheer fabric like lace, satin and organza, and an overall romantic appeal to it. And it has already got us dreaming about the mushy moments with bae.


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The lovecore fashion has arrived just in time after around the festive season as we slip into the Christmas mood and holiday spirit. It is pleasing and refreshing to see the candy-coloured pink and hot red taking over the fashion world after the cottagecore’s relaxed colours like whites and yellow. Also, the prints and motifs are hella cute with strawberries, hearts, cupcakes and other tiny sweet things. The floral print continues to rule with a slight modification. Romantic roses have replaced the daisies from the cottage core and the designs are more striking and energetic.

If you want a sneak peek on how the netizens are sporting the pretty lovecore fashion and want to hop on board on the trend too, here is some inspiration from the Instagram.

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To make it easier for you, let us lay down how you can do the lovecore fashion right. Think of the colour scheme you see the town painted in during the valentine’s day. For the sartorial pick that matches the vibe of lovecore, think of the clothing ideas you’d wear for a date night or meeting your bumble date, something fancy and cute. Team that with some fun prints, motifs and jewellery that complements the aesthetics and brings out your romantic side, and you should pretty much get it right.

If this feels too girly or feminine for your style, you could try pairing a white shirt with red motifs with denims and sneaker to rock the subtle take on the trend. Or, we would say go all out and wear the lovecore trend like it’s meant to be. After all, much like love, it is about expressing your romantic side through fashion. This trend makes everyday feel like you’re in a rom com and that’s the best thing that could happen in 2020. We don’t know about you but we are already falling for this trend. *Heart eyes emoji*

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