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Actresses Have Been Posing With Books For Instagram And It’s Obvious The Concept Of Reading Is Alien To Them

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Everyone does stuff for the gram. I take several pictures using filter and whatnot to ensure I look like I have it together. My concealer is on so no one suspects how crippled I am by the statistics this pandemic is throwing up. My clothes are ironed and I actually make an effort to match my jewellery to my outfit even though I cry blubberingly after I put everything away, pretty sure I won’t see it for another 5 months. I will even put up a story saying ‘new post’ on my profile because I know Instagram is where it’s at. Despite my concentrated effort to keep my social profile active and exciting, I do all this and post a picture maybe once in two weeks. But as anyone will tell you, keeping your social media active is a full time job requiring time, effort and carefully chosen accoutrements that can enhance a picture or a video.

And if it’s so difficult for me, imagine how tough celebrities have it. And like us, I am pretty sure they run out of ideas about what to post, given that they aren’t stepping out as well. And when it all started, they did the grocery run and masks posts, so…yeah. One such celebrity who was a little obviously bereft of posting ideas was Daisy Shah. But clearly, she thought of herself as quite resourceful. She posted a picture of her reading a book and laughing. I mean, it’s a good picture. I will give her that. There’s decent composition, she looks nice but here’s the hiccup. The book she’s reading is A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Anyone who has read the book will tell you there is nothing funny about it. This is a story about Afghan women, their trials and tribulations, and their oppressed life under patriarchy and Taliban. We are not sure what Daisy Shah found amusing about it. Maybe there were some jokes in it that we were not privy to? Did she get a different edition with a note personally penned by the author that caused her laughter to bubble forth? Guess we will never know. Because, like us, many netizens didn’t get what could have caused her smile while reading THAT book.

*hands her a book called Reading For Dummies: How To Not Look Stupid*

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And Daisy wasn’t the only one who did this. TiktTok star and TV actress Jannat Zubair couldn’t stop smiling while reading an account of the holocaust in The Diary Of A Young Girl. Again, we do not see what part tickled her pink, but surely something funny must have come up. Because haha, Nazis killed people. Hilarious. The kind of dinner table conversation you want to have. Right up there with that story about your cousin and fufaji’s penis.

Sara Ali Khan also posed with a book but thankfully, she kept the author and the title hidden. Thankfully also, her expression gave nothing away. Phew!

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