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A Woman Snarkily Tweeted About Virat Kohli’s Captaincy After Fatherhood And It’s A Glimpse Into Sexism Women Face In The Workplace

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Every time I would get dragged to a marriage bureau, the ‘matchmakers’ there, much like Sima Auntie, would ask me what I envisioned my future life with a partner to be like. When they heard me speaking even the slightest bit passionately about my career in media, which is demanding enough, they’d diplomatically try to shut me down by saying, that’s great but a girl must be prepared to ‘be flexible’ and ‘adjust’ her ambitions, especially when motherhood comes knocking. Now I could crib and wax eloquent about being woke but sexism is an indisputable reality of our society. Not just a plain Jane like me, but even high-flying women achievers and celebrities like the recently revealed mommy-to-be, Anushka Sharma, would be faced with similar notions about letting their career take a backseat post giving birth, lest she be termed a ‘bad mother’. But are we holding Virat Kohli to the same standards for being a good father?

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Twitter user @kamicrelief dared to ask this question, and let’s just say, triggered a bunch of unsuspecting people. We aren’t here for the trolls and triggers though. We’re here to talk about the important she raised.

Sivakami Sivakumar, in her tweet, posed a question on whether fatherhood would have any effect on Virat Kohli’s captaincy of the Indian national cricket team.

Ideally, this should not be offensive to anyone. I mean, journalists ask such questions all the time to female athletes. In fact, here’s a classic example of Sania Mirza being asked the same question by Rajdeep Sardesai on national television.

If we use even 1% of the 10% of our human brain that we actually use, we could see that @kamicrelief’s tweet was laden with sarcasm, a jibe at rampant sexism that always questions women in the workplace about their capabilities once they become mothers.

Luckily, there were quite a few of them who did use it, grasped the sarcasm, and built on it to hilarious yet thought-provoking results! Rest assured, the moment Anushka Sharma acquiesces to interview respects, some old-school orthodox publication is going to channel Akshay from Indian Matchmaking, and ask her if she is willing to be flexible or take a sabbatical for the sake of her unborn child.


And yet, there was a sizeable population that missed the point because nobody was standing their with a placard in hand, spelling it out for them:

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As some of them replied, asking things like “But how is cricket and fatherhood connected?” or “But Virat is an exemplary crickter who has proven himself time and again!”, there were those who patiently explained to them and said, “Exactly, so why are we asking working women these questions then?”

The point that people missed the sarcasm of the tweet notwithstanding, the fact that they got triggered enough to begin defending Virat Kohli, is proof that we as a nation are blind to sexism, even if it hit a sixer in our face.

@kamicrelief’s tweet has gone viral and the ones who get it are going to laugh and probably educates a few unsuspecting folk, so that they have their eye-opening moment. But I guess,  haters gonna hate, sexists gonna sexist-ate?

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