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A Woman On Twitter Asked If There Are Any Men Who Follow A Basic Skincare Routine. And, There Are

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We women take immense pride in the fact that we take good care of our skin. Sure, we have our weak moments and we go to bed without taking our makeup off when we are too exhausted or on some days, or we skip on exfoliation just because, but we do follow a skincare routine religiously. We do our regular CTM every day, face mask sesh twice a week and never dare skip on SPF. Men, on the other hand, use the same soap for their face, hair and body and slap on some Vaseline on their lips and get going. And most of them still somehow manage to have flawless complexion and no skin woes. It’s frustrating, I know. However, it seems like men are swearing by a skincare routine and indulging in some skin TLC now more than ever. These might not be the men in your life, but there are some out there who take their skincare routine seriously and they got talking on a Twitter thread recently.   

A woman on Twitter was probably curious to know how many men actually have a skincare routine and follow the basic steps to take care of their skin. So she simply tweeted, “How manny of you (men) follow basic skin care routine?? [sic]” We were pleasantly surprised by the number of men who confirmed they did. Plus, what was interesting is that they not only nodded to the question but some even went on to share their skincare routine with products and tips they follow for great skin. I’d just like to say to all the men that that’s the kind of passion and commitment towards self care we expect from you all.

Here are some of the answers that restored our faith in men committing to skincare. A user  commented, “I do. I have extremely fair side skin which is actually very weak when in sun. Proper cleaning with pH level balance and sunscreen. The most important part of skin care, sunscreen. It has saved my skin. I take skin care seriously.” Another user wrote, “Separate soap for body Face wash for face Body butter for moisturizer Good deodrant after bath” Okay, I am seriously impressed because even I don’t use body butter and what the hell? 

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A user even shared that he has not one but a different routine for different time, days and even one for his beard. “Got a day routine, night routine, weekend routine and a beard routine,” he said. To this, another user asked him what products he uses and he responded. I might be overly into this wholesome thread but it was so heartwarming to see guys sharing tips and products. Sigh! 

And, then there were some who even ridiculed the idea of men taking good care of their skin, because apparently it’s a girly thing to do. Why? Don’t men have skin? I don’t know the reason why they find the thought of other men having a legit skincare routine amusing but sounded like it threatened their masculinity. Skincare is non-negotiable for everyone and your gender really has nothing to do with it. Maybe earlier the skincare industry was particularly focused on making products for women but that’s changing now. 

A lot of male celebrities have also confessed to love their skincare sesh including Jim Sarbh and Babil Khan and have stressed on the importance of good routine for men time and again. There’s a whole range of moisturisers, masks, sunscreens and even serums designed especially for men, because their skin is different and needs to be treated differently, regardless of how much they like to steal from the women in their lives. They actually enjoy skincare and boast about good skin when they achieve it so why not just accept it like these men on Twitter did? That’s what real men do!   

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