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The Year That Went By: A Look At The Biggest Beauty Trends That Dominated 2020

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To state the obvious, this year’s beauty trends were hardly introduced on the runways and by celebrities. With fashion shows going digital with limited coverage and celebrities lounging in yoga pants and bare face in their homes (much like us), the pandemic redefined the way trends emerged. Our Corona-hit lifestyle significantly influenced the trends debuting Zoom-friendly makeup and focus on skincare becoming the highlights in the beauty world in 2020.

The years started off with some breakthrough spring makeup trends and we were genuinely excited for the new trends to unfold in the course of the year, but life had other plans. However, the beauty trendsetters weren’t entirely off duty and we saw some very cool and interesting trends in the makeup and skincare category. Plus, the trends this year were mostly practical, minimal and required relatively less efforts accommodating our quarantine lifestyle.

Here’s revisiting all the biggest beauty trends that ruled in 2020. Take a look.

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Seems like everyone was just too bored at home and started experimenting with their beauty staples and found more than one way to use them. Good for us, they put the multitasker skincare product, Vaseline, that you might be having a jar of since forever, to another good use. Slugging, which involves slathering a generous amount of petroleum jelly on your face before bed, picked up as a huge skincare trend that claimed to leave you with moisturised and soft skin in the morning. This is inarguably the most effortless skincare trend of the year and it makes sense since in 2020, we are not all about minimal skincare or, as they call it, skinimalism!

DIY beauty recipes


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With no outside help, restaurants shut and stores locked, we had to pretty much live by the DIY mantra during the nationwide lockdown. Plus, being at home gave us time to really indulge in some R&R and go back to the simplistic routines and natural beauty recipes. Natural skincare tossed aside the extensive and expensive skincare kits for a while there and from celebrities to us, everyone hopped on the DIY face packs and homemade masks (not the pandemic kind), letting the skin revel in natural goodness.


Eye makeup


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Since wearing face masks has become the sole priority for everyone during the pandemic (I mean, our survival depends on it), makeup trends also changed to accommodate the half covered-up face. Lip trends took a back seat and channelling makeup skills on eyes was the new norm. Statement eye looks took the centre stage with different eyeshadow looks, artistic liners and quirky accents made an appearance in the beauty circuit.

Dolphin skin


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Remember glass skin, butter skin and flashbulb skin? The super glowy and clear makeup look that was quite the rage last year. We spotted its cool cousin in 2020—dolphin skin, a makeup look with a shinier and slightly slicker finish that you can achieve with tons of highlighter, glow drops and blush. Before you assume, it has got nothing to do with dolphins or animal cruelty. The name is such because your skin looks exactly like that of a dolphin when it splashes out of water. Cool, right?

No makeup, filter-free look


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If I’ve spent my time doing anything other than acing my cooking skills by making banana bread, is attending Google meets and Zoom calls. However, showing up for the impromptu online meeting let us break free from the makeup laden face and embrace our natural skin. On social media too, celebrities and influencers swore by bare-faced, no filter pictures. One reason might be we had absolutely nowhere to go and we weren’t really interested in wasting our expensive makeup on just some selfies. Plus, it takes time and efforts so we’d save it for when we go out and it’s worth it.

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