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A Farmer’s Daughter Performed Salsa On Tattad Tattad At America’s Got Talent. Her Performance Blew Us Away!

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These last few months have been chaotic, to say the least. Who knew having to sit at home with an abundance of free time, would be such a tedious task. I think the main problem is all the uncertainty about the coronavirus and our future that has driven us all into a downward spiral. Up until this point, 2020 has been like a steaming pile of shit that our arch nemesis keeps leaving on our doorstep. Come, on you have to agree that nothing this year has gone our way. 

But, we can’t keep dwelling on that, can we? We have to motivate ourselves and follow our dreams despite the hurdle in our way. Okay, forgive me if that sounded like a Tumblr quote or a bumper sticker, but it is always a handy advice. For the past few weeks, every time I feel blue, instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media I try and find some funny or motivational videos to cheer myself up. Safe to say, by now, I think I have lost count of all the TedTalks and Lilly Singh videos I have gone through and saved on my gram.

In my quest to keep myself entertained and motivated, this morning, I came across the most fabulous dance video. I have grown up watching dance reality shows, but never have I seen a performance quite like this one. The dance was performed by Sonali Majumdar and Maraju Sumanth on season 15 of America’s Got Talent

Although, before I can tell you more about the performance and what caught my attention, besides the fact that they performed on such a huge platform, let me jog your memory a bit. This talent duo comprising of Sonali and Maraju is a part of Kolkata-based dance group ‘Bad Salsa’. They were the winners of the 4th season of India’s Got Talent.  

They are a phenomenal pair of dancers and their performance was honestly, out of the world. They presented a brilliant fusion of Bollywood and Salsa before judges like Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. Needless to say, were as blown away and impressed by them as I am.  Also, can we stop to appreciate just how adorable Sonali’s costume is? 

Sonali and Maraju chose a popular song from Goliyon Ki Rasleela: Ram-Leela’s- Tattad Tattad and added a twist of salsa to it. There were a lot twirls and lifts involved. From their outfits to their moves, everything was on point. 

What really caught our eye though, was Sonali’s backstory. She introduced herself on the show by saying that she is the daughter of a farmer who lives in a small village near Bangladesh. Her father makes only about one dollar a day and that is not enough to feed the family. She went on to say that her only escape from tough times was to watch Bollywood movies and explained how those movies became an inspiration for her to dance. Sonali said that she never thought her dream of dancing on a platform like ATG would ever be fulfilled. 

Her backstory is so moving and heartbreaking, that by this point we were already tearing up. It’s proof that talent only needs determination and perseverance to thrive. Sonali’s story is an inspiration to everyone who thinks giving up is okay because it’s easy. When in reality, if you really go after it, there is nothing that will stop you from getting what you want!

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Thanks to this amazing performance, they have now entered the semi-finals of ATG and we are very excited for their finale performance. And well, to watch them win the competition but no pressure. 

Along with us and the judges, this dancing duo also wowed all of social media. They became an internet sensation overnight because of their performance. Netizens have responded to their video with an outpour of love and praises. 

I think, instead of all the gloomy and morose content that we see on social media these days we need more videos like this one. To keep people motivated and upbeat. 

More power to Sonali and Maraju!

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