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5 Ways You Can Amp Up Your Festive Wear By Adding A Modern Twist This Season

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We are already in November. Can you believe it? Me neither. I didn’t think that we would actually make it this far yet still in our houses in 2020. I can bet nobody else did either. In fact, I thought by the time my birthday would come around, everything would be normal again. Who else thought the same? Look at us laughing at our naive selves from 7 months ago. *cries in a corner*

Anyhoo, there is really nothing we can do much about the pandemic except to take precautions at all times. The only thing that is keeping us happy and alive during these tough times is the festive season. Where we get to see our favourite cousins, meet our aunts, and realise that even after a whole pandemic, their number one concern is going to be your marriage. Well, it’s fun times, isn’t it? But for some of us, it’s all about dressing up and wearing makeup. *points to self*

Since the year hasn’t been kind, it made me realise that I should really buy into the whole YOLO (You Only Live Once) theory and try out everything. So this festive season I will be giving modern ethnic a try. Aren’t you bored of the same old kurta, pants, and dupattas? I mean, at this point nobody even cares about the outfit. They are more interested in your life. So, I have picked a few outfits and accessories that you would definitely want to try this festive season. They scream I love my roots but also look sexy and modern.

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Let’s start off with this gorgeous shirt from Nylangan I stumbled upon on the internet. I love the colour teal and I feel like that’s such a festive colour along with the reds and yellows. The shirt has golden polka dots over it (I LOVE), with leaf embroidery and frills at the back. What is there to not like about this shirt? I absolutely love it. You could wear this with a nice silk skirt and pair it with some chunky jewellery to really bring home the look.

The same brand also has matching pants with shirts and I am all for colourful pants. The crimson is just the right colour to wear to a Diwali party at someone’s house to have all eyes on you without being loud. I heart.

This hairband from joey & pooh is everything delicious. The brand recently collaborated with the amazing Payal Singhal for their festive season collection. This is just one of the many hairbands that I absolutely loved. The best part is that it can be worn over ethnics as well as western. It’s such a versatile headband. I love the fact that unlike some headbands this one doesn’t give me a headache. So head over to their website and pick your favourite!

What festive outfit is complete without accessories? I found this really beautiful piece online which isn’t over the top but also doesn’t look like you didn’t put in the effort. And it’s so pretty. Just perfect enough to add an ethnic touch to your modern attire.

It’s about time we bid goodbye to uncomfortable heels and normalised flat sandals for any occasion. The stress of buying a pair of heels where I don’t walk like I can’t find my balance is very real.  I love anything and everything that’s embellished and I already found my favorite sandal from CAI that’s cute. embellished and comfortable. To top it off this brand is cruelty-free and makes its footwear with vegan leather. How cool is that?

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