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5 Ways To Sanitise Your Beauty Products And Keep Them Germ-Free And Squeaky Clean

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If it wasn’t for coronavirus and the fear for life that comes with it, we wouldn’t have become a pro at sanitising and keeping our surroundings germ-free, something that wasn’t most people’s cup of tea earlier. It took a pandemic to realise the importance of keeping a bottle of sanitiser handy and wipes with you, but well, it’s okay. We now like things not just clean, but Monica clean. Here’s an idea. Why not extend this hygiene habit to your beauty products and tools as well?

Our OCD levels have reached an all-time high and we unintentionally clean everything that’s been exposed to outside world a couple of times just to be sure. And, honestly, I am thankful for the sudden realisation of the concept of personal hygiene in people. However, it is not just your phone, key chains and other personal items that need a spritz of disinfectant once in a while, but your beauty products as well. If you haven’t started sanitising your beauty products yet, what are your waiting for? A pandemic? Oh, wait.

It’s time your keep your beauty arsenal germ-free and sanitised not just because of the risk of contacting a fatal virus like corona but also to keep breakouts and other skin baddies at bay. Using same makeup tools can accumulate bacteria and oil over time which invites acne, irritation and what not. To make sure your beauty products and tools are as clean as a new pin, try these 5 ways to disinfect and sanitise your vanity.

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Disinfectant Spray


This one’s a no brainer. We have practically lived with a bottle a disinfectant spray for seven months now whenever we have stepped outside. Well, you could get a similar one for your beauty babies. Use a cosmetic disinfectant spray like the Anti-Bacterial Cosmetic Disinfectant by Code Beauty, India’s first cosmetic sanitising label, to kill not only germs on the bottles, jars and tubes but also your powder-based products, brush and your hairstyling tools like curlers and blow dryers.

Rubbing Alcohol

This beauty hero has saved you mini heartbreaks when you dropped your eyeshadow palette or lipstick and used it to make it as good as new. Turns out, it can do a lot more than fix your broken makeup. It can actually help sanitise your makeup, cause alcohol. Simply spray some on your makeup and let it dry. It works on the packaging and the product and leaves your makeup completely germ-free.

Sanitising Wipes

You might have an antibacterial facial wipe in your bag as you read this and it’s time for you to get one for your prized possession—your cosmetics—too. You can count on Code Beauty’s Anti-Bacterial Cosmetic Sanitising Wipes for this. To sanitise the trickiest makeup products like a mascara wand, cream-based products and liquid lipstick or lip balm wands, this could really come in handy. It helps dislodge 99.9% surface bacteria off your makeup with a quick wipe.

Cosmetic Sterilisers

For those who completely depend on technology and don’t like to move a finger when it comes to cleaning up, better get yourself a cosmetic steriliser. These little compact machines can seriously disinfect all your beauty tools and products without you getting your hands dirty. All you have to do is throw in your cosmetics and tools and watch them getting sterilised off viruses, bacteria and germs in one go.

Sponge And Brush Cleansers

Your makeup brushes and sponges are the breeding ground for bacteria. Why? Because these tools are used multiple times and go from one product to another and amass product residue, grim and oil from face. The worst is that everyone is guilty of forgetting to wash them (yes, you are not alone). It is recommended to wash your sponges and brushes frequently to keep the bacteria from spreading on your skin and turning your face into zit city. While lukewarm water can only do so much, to thoroughly clean your makeup tools, get a cleansing balm or oil to get the job done better. We recommend PAC Cosmetics’ solid brush cleanser for get your brushes squeaky clean.

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