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20 Years Of Mohabbatein: Class Of 2000 And Their Real Life Love Stories

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Mohabbatein released back in 2000, exactly 20 years ago today. Back then I was nine and you know how as kids we always look at school/college going seniors in an aspirational way. We get so intrigued by the fact that they get to have a love life in the first place, even though Gurukul barely let that happen. We get enticed by the freedom they have. Okay, well, Gurukul didn’t quite let that happen either. But that rebelliousness and prioritising love and all that is such a teen thing to do. Mohabbatein was the shiz back then for us and even though I didn’t even understand the meaning of love, I knew it meant a lot to peeps.

While the film had a happy ending and everyone kinda just found the love of their life, as we grow up, we realise it doesn’t always happen that way. Even if you do find love, it isn’t so filmy! So while the characters were synonymous with love stories and happy endings, I got to think about how things turned out for them in real life!

Of course, we know Amitabh Bachchan is married to Jaya Bachchan and yet during every award show, the camera pans towards Rekha when he comes on stage. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is happily married to Abhishek Bachchan (Mr Shankar had no objection over that!) and Shah Rukh Khan to Gauri Khan. Thankfully, their love lives are thriving and rather unchanged for several years.

But the class of 2000, let’s see how things went for them!


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Uday Chopra

He was the most charming of the lot and in real life too, he seems to have worked his magic on a total hottie – Nargis Fakhri. Their love affair went on for a long time and there were also rumours about them getting married. But then there were rumours that he broke up with her via text. Cut to 2020 and Uday Chopra’s love life is exactly how Mr Shankar would have wanted it to be – non-existent!


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Just smile 🌺 #lifeisbeautiful #love #gratitude ❤️

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Shamita Shetty

Oh, she was feisty in the movie and it seems like she still is, even IRL! She is single and loving it. In an interview, she revealed she doesn’t mind marrying late but she’d like to wait for a man who is worth it all. There have been reports that she dated Harman Baweja back in 2012 but like girl, you gotta do better! I guess she did learn a little from her character’s mistakes. No offence to Vikram, the stud of Mohabbatein!


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#Tbt 2014 B.C. (Before Covid19 and Before Child).

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Jugal Hansraj

In Mohabbatein, we saw him as this cutie who was quite seedha saadha and you know, husband material! Turns out, the never ceasing to be handsome man did get married and settle down. He is married to Jasmine Dhillon, an NRI investment banker in New York. The couple is often spotted together in public – on dates and walking around, just holding hands and being adorable. Except, nobody covers that but Taimur sneezes and it becomes breaking news!


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Happy Dussera 👹always choose L.O.V.E 🙂

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Kim Sharma

Her love life has been pretty active, can’t call it exciting though. It seems like her character, Kim too had a thing for toxic relationships. After dating Yuvraj Singh, she got married Kenyan business tycoon Ali Punjani who rumoured to have left her in financial crisis. She apparently dated actor Harshvardhan Rane but broke up last year. All said and done, she is back on her feet and is running a successful agency. Babe, what you need is to stay away from toxic love and love yourself a little more.


Jimmy Shergill

His image of being a one-woman man wasn’t quite wrong and worked for him IRL too. He married Priyanka Puri who was his girlfriend earlier. They enjoy a low-key life and thankfully, he doesn’t have to learn to play the piano overnight to impress a woman. Or get his hand injured on purpose for some attention! Thank God his real life isn’t as dramatic as his life in the film!

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Time flies ( and hair ) when you’re having fun! #goa #goatravels #caboderamafort

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Preeti Jhangiani

Gone are the days when she used to visit a train station dressed like a bride. I bet it spooked a lot of people on the way but that is collateral damage! She is happily married to Parvin Dabas and have two kids. And her husband is not even imaginary, beat that!

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