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13 Gifts Your Brother Will Love For This Raksha Bandhan

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There are two kinds of people in this world – the ones who purchase gifts in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle and then we have the last-minute shopper whose memory is worse than Ghajini. And the majority of the people fall in the latter category, cause let’s admit “Baad mein karlungi”  and then forgetting about that task is now a part of our personalities. I can also assure you that you have probably forgotten about Raksha Bandhan, which by the way is right around the corner.

Raksha Bandhan is very chill for me because whatever cousins I had in Bombay are now abroad making my family proud, while I look like the useless child. Thanks, bro. But I love seeing people in stress (not sadistic, I promise) while trying to pick out suitable rakhis just like Sima Mami trying to pick out suitable spouses for her clients. Nonetheless, this tradition makes me a little envious because honestly, I wouldn’t mind having an elder brother who is ready to throw punches at whoever makes me cry.

So, if you have that brother in your life and want to make him think that he is lucky to have a sister like you then here are some last-minute gift ideas that he will love and adore for the rest of his life.

A bossman gift hamper for the brother who works hard and continues losing all the office essentials. Even though he is clumsy af, he is still your favourite man.


The bossman in your life is so busy that he has forgotten his sense of style. So what better gift than this to help him give the formal look, but with style.


This gift is perfect for the brother who loves to take care of his gadgets and specially his laptop. He’s particularly protective because he’s got top secret stuff there, maybe like his stash of adult movies.

Do you have your very own Kim Kardashian at home that loves to keep up with fashion trends? Then this is the perfect gift for him.


Even though you may not understand his crazy obsession for anime or superheroes or the multiple figurines he has; it’s important that you support his craziness. Help him expand his collection by adding this. He will love it, trust me.


This one is for the brother who loves to sing but makes your ears bleed. A speaker is a perfect gift for him to turn up the music because that way at least you won’t have to listen to him and he will enjoy himself too.

A punctual brother who loves harry potter? We have the perfect gift for him.

Even though his OCD is annoying AF, it’s nice to have someone who involuntarily cleans your room, right? And this organiser will make your brother cry.


Is your brother a fashionista and loves to accessorise his outfit? Then give him this leather band and to add to his collection. He will love it.

GoPro is the best gift a photographer/videographer could ask for. So, give him this gift once for the rest of his life. And then maybe you can ask him to get you water every now and then. 😛

This one is for the fitness freak in your life who also tries his best to get you to workout or run every morning. Appreciate his efforts by giving him this and tell him to not wake you up again in the morning again.

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This one is for the chill brother jo life mein stress leta nahi, deta hai. And the kind who spouts horrifying lines like those.

This one is for the brother who can only keep a conversation with foul lingo. Happy fucking Raksha Bandhan to him!


Sama is a Social Media Executive at Hauterfly. She owns 3 fiend cats that she loves the most, besides pizzas and everything junk! Her love for BTS is immense and will cry at every breath they take!

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