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13 Gifts You Should Ask Your Brother For This Raksha Bandhan

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The relationship between siblings is so special. They fight. They have your back and even though they may say some nasty stuff, deep down they still care and love you more than you can imagine. In fact, the plus point about having a brother is that he won’t steal your clothes or makeup or anything that you own. Meanwhile, my sister has probably robbed me left right and center. Every time she comes to visit me I lose something and I have a strong suspicion, these things aren’t as much “lost” as they are being “taken.”

I love my sister the most but sometimes I am envious of people that have a brother and specially a protective one (not overprotective). Not all brothers are crazy when it comes to their little sisters. I have friends who have had their first smoke and beers with their brothers. So, they can actually be nice when they want to. Well, I have cousin brothers too and so I decided to tie rakhi to them and in return, I received Rs. 10. In total.  Till today I have not forgiven them, and I use this constantly to get better gifts from them. Yes, we truly are related.

It can be really tough for men to pick out gifts for women in general. They always end up buying you something that’s hideous or something you already have. So, to save you the horror from receiving random gifts I have made a list of things you can ask from your brother. Subtly send this article to them and pretend you’re surprised when you receive something listed here.


You can start off by asking something sweet and simple (literally) from him and then maybe bombard him with expensive things you want. Plus you will also get to devour Nutella for at least a few weeks. Yumm!

Hey, tea addicts here is something you would totally want from Teabox along with cute decor because honestly, our Indian-ess won’t let us use that mug for sipping a hot chai. It’s too pretty for that.

We have all had this perfume on our list at some point in our life because itna delicious smell hai. And what better time than Raksha Bandhan to emotionally blackmail your brother into getting you this.

It’s about time you got a new phone, am I right? And OnePlus is known to deliver the expectations one has from it. Your brother might not see the need for a new phone, but what does he know kya hoti great selfie?

There is no such thing as too much highlighter and this gorgeous looking thing is what you should totally request as a makeup lover from your brother. Your future may not be shiny but at least your cheekbones are. That went dark quickly.

Dyson is known to have amazing grooming gadgets that are loved by women everywhere and this one makes a perfect gift to ask for from your brother. This may be expensive and require one kidney of his but what’s he gonna do with two anyway?

Your skin routine can use an extra TLC from Farsali. No matter how much your brother calls you ugly, deep down he is still going to be jealous of that perfect flawless skin and maybe even end up buying one for himself.

Has the lockdown made you more active? And have your running shoes been eaten out by creepy crawlies because you would regularly go on a run every morning instead of drooling on your pillow? Well, then what better gift to ask for than a running shoe and maybe run for 2 days!

L’occitane’s products are 10/10 recommended and you can try it yourself. So every time your brother says something stupid, you can blind him with your soft, glow-y skin.

This Ted Baker tote is so cute I bet even he won’t be able to say no to it.

Is your brother really your brother if he doesn’t say “tu toh nahane ke baad bhi gandi dikhti hai”? This is the perfect gift you can ask from him.

A girl needs to keep her essentials even when she is going for grocery shopping and this bag screams cute. So put your puppy face on and ask him for this cute bag. Or demand it. *shrugs*



And if your brother refuses to get any of those things then just ask him to get this gift set of happiness. Something is better than nothing, right?


Sama is a Social Media Executive at Hauterfly. She owns 3 fiend cats that she loves the most, besides pizzas and everything junk! Her love for BTS is immense and will cry at every breath they take!

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