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Best Of 2016

10 Gadgets Our Inner Techie Loved In 2016

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The year 2016 saw some kickass launches and new collaborations in the world of beauty and fashion, sure, but the techies were not far behind either. As always, there were some amazing gadgets that hit the markets, making our pockets cry. 2016 made us a bit more tech savvy and for that, we aren’t complaining.

So, we have rounded up the best gadgets of 2016, some for their price, some for their utility, and others for JUST being the iPhone 7. Scroll down and check out how many you already own!


1. Hover Camera Passport

A camera that follows you around and is cheaper than a drone? Of course, the Hover Camera Passport had to be on this list! Portable and lightweight, it comes with in-built WiFi, and is sure to be your perfect travel buddy. It records for 10 minutes at a stretch, which is still more than your usual drones, but we hope that 2017 has cameras this increase that time limit.


2. Oculus Rift

It was the year of virtual reality headsets and one that stood out from the crowd was the Oculus Rift. It took the gaming experience into a different realm, and developers around the world desired this gadget. It is, however, only complete with the controllers and the hardware, whole kit of which can cost you a bomb. But sometimes, the splurge is worth it.


3. Logitech Pop Switch

Yes, a switch as cool as this one has to be on this list. This little switch that comes with a starter pack basically has the potential to control all the lights, fans, music system, and more, with just one click. You just have to install the app, connect to WiFi, set up the bridge, and get going. Know how to use it, here.


4. Google Pixel

Google launched the Pixel that took everyone by surprise with its features and utilities. It was the answer to Apple’s iPhone 7, and it basically made the android family happy. It was definitely one of the most anticipated launches of this year, and it didn’t disappoint.


Best Gadgets Of 2016_MK Camera_Hauterfly

5. Michael Kors Polaroid Camera

This year, Michael Kors, along with their camera bags, decided to launch a special edition Polaroid camera for Rs 13,000 in collaboration with Fujifilm, and that was every girl’s dream come true. I mean, polaroid camera, bags, and MK — is there anything this brand *can’t* do? It is kinda funny, though, that the bags are priced way more than the camera.

*The camera is available at all Michael Kors stores in India.


6. iPhone 7

Do I even have to say anything?


7. Fitbit Flex 2

At least one Fitbit gadget has to be on this list every year. The Flex 2, however, won the race this time over. With its ultra slim body, and the ability to track any activity and your sleeping patterns, it is perfect for any health freak. Launched in August, this is one gadget that should be with you while you enter 2017. You know, fitness resolutions?


8. UE Roll 2 Speaker

A portable speaker is an essential now, and among the many that were launched in 2016, this one is our favourite. It is waterproof, with a battery life of 9 hours and it oh-so looks stylish. Perfect for the #HauteSquad!


9. Noot Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are all the rage, and if you want one that is cheap and of a great quality, then go for this cute one by Noot. It has built in bluetooth and it glows in the dark, which is ideal for camping trips.


10. Amazon Echo

Hands down one of the best gadgets of 2016, this one is a boon to mankind. It is a smart speaker that has the ability to control other music systems, other home devices, read the news, set alarms just by voice commands. It is handsfree and has to be set just once. A miracle for the lazy girl, I definitely want one for 2017!


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