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Stop Everything And Check Out Yami’s Pretty Braids NOW!

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There’s no denying that Yami Gautam is a pretty face. But she hardly ever changes up her beauty game. I think it’s a crime not to experiment and push the envelope when it comes to hair and make-up, especially when you’ve got the face to carry off anything effortlessly. Perhaps this is why I’m pleasantly surprised to see her break away from the usual poker straight/loose waves hairstyle.


Yami was spotted in a Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan dress while promoting her movie Sanam Re. While things were well within the pretty-and-cute realm as far as make-up is concerned, her hair was styled in face-framing braids. The two loosely woven French braids look like a halo around her crown and soften her face. I think they will look just as fab with traditional Indian outfits as they look with Yami’s dress. All you need is basic braiding skills. Don’t worry about being neat: a slightly messy, undone braid looks fab.

Here’s how you can cop her look:

Make sure you don’t pull or tug too hard on the strands while braiding. What you want a neat but loose effect as opposed to something that’s pulled back too tight. Also, don’t forget to fan out your braid when you are done braiding like Riawna does at 1:40. You can use the tail end of a rat-tail comb to do so but I’ve found that using your fingers is best since you have much more control over how much you tug. You can also pin the braids to one side instead of pinning them right at the nape of your neck.


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