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This Is The ONE Thing Your Skin Needs To Glow

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We are sneaking back into bed. The alarm can take hike, we are hitting the snooze button. The excuse? It’s World Sleep Day. And that’s as good an excuse as any to well, not tumble out of bed. Plus, it’s supposed to be great for your skin. Yes, enough sleep has many benefits and we are listing down a few here. We also got dermatologists to confirm, so you take sleep seriously.

Here’s how sleep can help your skin glow. 

Dark Circles Be Gone

If you are starting to look like a panda from all the late-night movie watching, you will need to seriously stock up on some concealer. Sleeping, and sleeping well, is the best way to keep deep, dark circles at bay. And we are talking a good 8 hours. So shut the laptop, and catch up on the zzzs.

Beauty Sleep Is Real

Hitting the bed can actually make your skin look good. Dr. Aneesh Sheth says, “What happens when we sleep is our cortisol (a stress hormone) levels decrease. When this is low, healing and regeneration happens at a much faster rate. Bad sleep = higher cortisol = more prone to breakouts, uneven damaged skin.”

Inpost- Sleep Skin

Sleep Is Not Just Skin Deep

You knew sleep was good. Heck, you love sleeping! But did you know that it could also help keep skin issues at bay? Dr Batul Patel, Dermatologist from The Bombay Skin Clinic says, “When you sleep well, your skin gets time to repair itself, which means less skin issues like dry skin, eczema and so on.”

Skin At Work

Sleep is the time when your skin cells get to work. Think of them like elves. Dr. Batul calls it ‘repair sleep’. She says, “This is when the blood’s supply to the skin increases, helping the skin repair itself, and making the skin’s barrier stronger.” We hear you. We will just stay in bed. 

Sleep Is Anti-Ageing

We know you are almost convinced to never really get out of bed, but we are going to throw this one in there for good measure. Sleeping well is like an anti-ageing serum for your skin. While you sleep, your skin is hard at work, undoing the whole day’s aggression, and it does this every single day. It’s almost like you are getting a little younger every single day. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the drift. 

And we are out. Got some sleep to catch up on. 


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