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Here’s How You Can Nail The Wire Work Trend

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We are so glad that there’s always something exciting happening in the beauty world. And this time, creative geniuses at a South Korean nail salon have innovated a nail trend that’s totally out of the box. I’m sure that you are already bored with the typical French manicures and glittery nail paints that are stocking up your dressing tables. So the next time you go for a manicure, surprise your attendant by flashing this uber-chic trend, one she may not have even heard of! But fret not, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks so that you can flaunt this haute nail trend easily, even if you want to DIY. After all, its all about experimentation, right?

Just make sure that you are patient while bending the wires, so that you don’t poke yourself. But once you’ve got the shape right, its kid’s play. Just place your creation on top of a gel polish, apply some lacquer and add a clear gel on top to secure it in place. Okay, friendly advice here: be cautious that your nails don’t get stuck to your clothes, so put in a little more effort to make the wire endings extra smooth!

We’ve picked out some of our favourite designs from Instagram to inspire you to try this trend!













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