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Why A Jade Roller Is The Thing To Add To Your Skincare Routine. It’s Worth The Investment

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If you know me then you know how much I love to take care of my skin. Every night I make sure I go all out with my night-time routine, no matter how lazy I am. I get my ass up, wash my face with a face wash, then apply my face cream, hand cream, foot cream, etc. You get the point; basically I don’t go to bed without my skin being doused in goodness.

I have always been told that taking care of my skin is an essential part and will help me in the long run. Apparently, my skin will never age and I will look 18 forever. I will be very honest, to me my age doesn’t matter maybe because I am only 23. I would like to believe that when I turn 30, I won’t lie to people that I am only 28. I will probably tell them I am 24 and if they don’t look surprised, I will believe my skincare is working.

A large part of my skincare is applying sheet masks. Now, I have come to believe that they don’t do much. But everyone swears by them so I am going to keep going. Normally, I would apply a sheet mask, look absolutely hilarious and take pictures to scare my 3 followers on Instagram and peel off the mask, and wait for the magic to happen. Most of the time, nothing really happened. For the longest time, I thought the sheet masks were to blame.

But then, I was introduced something called as facial roller or jade roller through Instagram. God bless the Instagram explore page. I learn something new every day through it. After I saw that I instantly went online to look for it, but my god the prices were jaw-dropping so I closed the app and cried at my sub-par existence. Yes, because I couldn’t afford a jade roller. Yes, so I am dramatic.

Then, recently I was sent a box full of happiness from Ras Luxury Oils. They sent me a Jade Facial Roller with miniature oils along with it. There were 4 kind of oils that came along with it, but the one I used was Revival Rejuvenating Night Face Elixir. I pumped a few drops on my face and then picked up my jade roller to massage it onto my face. I used the bigger side of the roller to massage all over my face and evenly spread it as well. And then I used the smaller side I used to massage the areas around my nose and under the eye where it’s usually a task to massage with the bigger side.

I honestly, never felt this relaxed. My mum was happy that I didn’t ask her to give me any face massages because this roller is perfect for it. The jade roller is known to increase circulation, reduce puffiness and it will not only calm you down, but will also make your skin look healthy AF! I would definitely suggest you to buy this product to give yourself the facial massage you deserve and a healthy glowing skin too. Plus, it’s cooling and that’s definitely fun.

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