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Here’s The Lowdown On What To Expect At Sephora

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Excitement is an understatement when the international beauty chain Sephora is involved. Last night, team Hauterfly was invited to an exclusive preview of the new Mumbai store (at Palladium mall) and my first thought on entering was, “So this is what heaven looks like!” Rows upon rows of gorgeous make-up and skincare products line the shelves, and cult favourite brands like Benefit, Stila, Omorovicza find pride of place along with Sephora’s own in-house and very nicely priced make-up line.

The store will open to the public from 12 pm today, and if last evening’s enthusiastic response is anything to go by, then today is going to be crazy. Before you go through though, here’s a sneak peek of what to expect at Sephora.


Nude Action_Hauterfly

The Theme

The theme for this month (or what’s left of it) is Nude Action. Lately, a nearly nude face has been a coveted beauty look. Nude make-up for the day, followed by a few switches, takes it to neutrals for the night. Do check out all the products they have lined up to achieve the nude look, as this is a look we’ll be seeing a lot more of in 2016.


Beauty Bar Sephora_Hauterfly

The Beauty Bar

You can more or less know if the colour your choose is a true match when you swatch it at the jaw line. But whether your skin takes to the formula, of if it’s too heavy or too light, or whether it offers adequate coverage for your skin issues is another ball game altogether. This makes buying foundation a tricky (and expensive) affair. Most of the store staff are professional make-up artists, so they’ll be more than happy to apply it for you at the Beauty Bar. Sit back, relax and let the professionals work their magic!


Brow Bar Sephora_Hauterfly

The Brow Bar

THIS is the best part about Sephora, IMHO. The Benefit Brow Bar offers free eyebrow and upper lip services. Everything from the work station to the tools, and even the hot wax tub, are a pretty pastel pink. I think this is a great idea for those times when you have a party or an event to attend, but you have to choose between some last minute shopping for an outfit or the salon. The Brow Bar puts an end to that dilemma.


Face Masks_Hauterfly

The Face Masks

I don’t care what my skin type is or what my skin concerns are, I’ll take one of each please. And in all probability I might just arrange them on my dresser and stare at them for hours without actually using any of them. Gorgeously coloured, enticing, come-hither face masks, why are you so pretty? Gah! On a more serious note, these masks are super hydrating and super affordable so definitely try them out.


Bath Gels_Hauterfly

The Bath Gels

These holographic, candy-coloured products are supposed to play tricks on your brain, I think. I don’t know about you, but I had a hard time picking one. I felt like a traitor leaving the others behind. In my mind, I could hear the others wailing.


Soap & Glory_Hauterfly

Soap & Glory

Reams have been written about this brand, so naturally I wanted to check out what the fuss was about. The packaging is so retro, it reminded me of pink formica kitchens and classic American diners. I particularly loved the idea of the Soap & Glory Girligo, which is a body moisturising mist. Lazy girls watch out for this product: it’s the perfect spray-and-go moisturiser for rushed mornings.

The team and I were pretty disappointed to not find cult favourite brands like NYX Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Smashbox, etc on the line-up. Let’s hope they bring those in at some point. We discovered that Sephora is launching another store in Malad in June while conversing with Sephora India’s Business Director Vivek Bali, and plans are also afoot to shop online as well.

On a parting note, be sure to check out all the mini sample products while you wait in line to pay for your stash. Trust me, they’re an addictive part of the Sephora shopping experience!

Store Pictures: Bushra S Khan 


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