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#WOTW: Everything You Wanted To Know About Tightlining

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We’re back again with another Word Of The Week to get you updated on all the fancy beauty and fashion trends out there. Certain beauty trends are so good that you’ve got to know how to do them right. Especially ones which help you highlight some of your best features and make you look your best.

Your eyes play a very big part in your overall make-up, which is why you should never ignore doing up your eyes, even if you’re a girl who wears glasses like me. You’ve done your cat eye just right, nailed it after weeks of struggling, but your eyes still refuse to look any bigger. If you’ve got small eyes or want a more open-eyed look, here’s what you need to start doing: Tightline.

Say what? Tightlining is the perfect way to make your eyes pop. It isn’t as difficult as it seems and is actually quite a simple way to make your eyes appear bigger. It also makes your eyelashes appear fuller and thicker than they actually are. Before you ask, let me get to it straight: Tightlining aka invisible eye liner is nothing but using a kohl pencil to line the insides of your upper lash line. No, this is not what you’ve always been doing. Lining your eyes with kohl on top of the upper lid and your waterline is what you’ve always been doing. With tightlining, you’ve got to line the inner section of your upper lash line from the inside, just like you do your kajal on the inside of the lower lash line on a regular day.

Say hello to bigger eyes and darker, thicker lashes which you can’t achieve only with mascara. There are two ways to tightline your eyes and here’s how you can do both:

1. If you wear kohl on a daily basis, this should be fairly simple for you. Glide a kajal stick on your waterline like you usually do and quickly shut your eye for some of the kohl to be transferred on the top.

2. Pull the upper eye lid upwards and hold it there. Glide a kohl pencil on your inside to open your eyes up. You could also dab the kohl pencil a little into your eyelashes almost like you’re mixing it.

If you still don’t have the confidence to go for it, this video should help you out:



Want to give tightlining a try? Check out these products that will help you get it right:



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