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#AskHauterfly: What Is J-Beauty?

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Every day, as I scroll through my Instagram feed, I’m greeted with a brand new beauty trend. No kidding! About last year, the whole world was obsessed with K-Beauty, and we all added double-cleansing and sheet masking to our beauty regimen. But just when we got the hang of what glass skin was, the spotlight was shifted from Korea to Japan.

So for those of you who have suddenly noticed a lot of #Jbeauty show up on your feed, here is all you need to know about this new phenomenon.

What is J-beauty?

To spell things out for you, J-Beauty originates from Japan, and is short for Japanese beauty, or products originating from Japan. What’s so special about it? Apparently, the Japanese consumer is different; they have a deep understanding of the skin, and ask a lot of questions. J-beauty thus focuses on long-term fixes for the skin.

J-beauty is more wholesome and focuses on the texture and complexion of your skin. It treats the skin as a whole, rather than focusing on one specific concern like getting rid of a blemish. It’s not so much about achieving one day of radiance as it is about maintaining your hair and skin in the healthiest state possible.

What J-beauty brands can you try?

Japan has some of the world’s most favourite skincare brands to offer. Their brands deeply focus on ingredients and their products are the result of scientific research and logic. One of the many famous Japanese skincare brands is Shiseido, which is known to be a market leader when it comes to innovation.

For hair care, they have Shu Uemura, known for its luxurious formulations and sleek packaging.

Another popular and wildly loved beauty brand is DHC, a true staple in any beauty lover’s arsenal.

Tatcha is another big J-beauty brand that believes that beauty comes from within. It uses 200-year-old Japanese skincare rituals in its products.

Some other popular J-beauty brands include SK-II, Suqqu, Decorté, Fairydrops, Shiro, Yu-Be and Sensai.

J-beauty’s aesthetic

J-beauty essentially follows the theory of science combined with nature. The key ingredients that have been used in Japanese rituals for centuries are given an upgrade, using innovative technologies, through stellar research and development.

Popular J-beauty skincare rituals and techniques

Beauty Oils: Whether it is a luxurious moisturising oil or a light-weight cleansing oil, J-beauty is famous for its oils, and ‘dewy’ is definitely the look they’re going for.

J-beauty also stresses on emulsion. Emulsion is a lot similar to a moisturiser, but a lot lighter!

Kanso: The concept of Kanso refers to simplicity. It means not overcomplicating your skincare regimen with too many steps, and instead using fewer products that are time-tested to work for you.

Shibui: Shibui is the final principle of J-beauty. It refers to simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. This means keep your makeup simple, and focus on skincare instead. Japanese women wear simple, shimmery eye makeup, and focus on maintaining gorgeous, translucent skin.


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