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#AskHauterfly: What Is Cut-Creasing?

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Move over smokey eye, there’s a new look in town and it’s bomb AF! I’m talking about cut-creasing, a favourite with beauty bloggers, celebs, models, and your humble friends at the Hauterfly HQ! Cut-creasing may have been around since donkey’s ages, but it gained traction with a slew of beauty bloggers brought it to the world’s attention.

True to its violent name, cut-creasing is a technique where you ‘cut’ the crease of your eye with the use of contrasting colours. This look adds a world of definition to your peepers and is a great way to make your eyes look much bigger than they actually are. Although this look is best executed by intermediate level makeup junkies, our favourite blogger, Kaushal from Kaushal Beauty shows you how it’s done in 3 easy steps!



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Step 1: After priming your lids, you ‘build your crease’ with a light wash of colour that forms your base; follow it up with a darker shade for a soft gradiant; slowly but surely, deepen the crease and ensure that you’re blending it all out with flicking motions.



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Step 2: This is the fun part — use a concealer to create clean lines that ‘cut your crease’.

Step 3: Using a shimmery shade, ‘decorate your crease’ for an uber glam look! I suggest using complementary shades from the same palette. Line your eyes and lashes with some mascara and falsies, then you’re ready to give looks that kill!

Bonus step: Smoke out your lower lids!

In case I’ve totally confused you, here’s Kaushal’s video!


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