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Banish Frizzy Hair Woes With Cleansing Conditioners

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When you are living in a place like Mumbai, you simply have to make peace with the heat and humidity. One simply must resign to the fact that their hair will almost always be slick (as in slick with sweat as opposed to being fashionably slick) with frazzled ends and flyaways that make you look like you’ve got a halo of frizz around your crown. However, it’s the monsoons that I dread the most since they unleash such terror on my normally wavy hair, that it actually gives me palpitations and makes my hands clammy.

While I use a cocktail of products (these are our fave products to banish frizzy hair), sometimes your hair needs to be dealt with a change in technique. Like switching to a cleansing conditioner perhaps? Cleansing conditioners should not be confused for the popular two-in-one shampoo+conditioners that we see in shopping aisles (and have also probably used at some point with disappointing results). While the old shampoo-and-conditioner formulas had detergents, cleansing conditioners have mild cleansing agents like cetyl alcohol or Cetearyl alcohol to wash your hair. Also, they have absolutely no detergents, chemicals, and/or sulphates. Sounds like a dream product for women with textured hair, no?

While you definitely can’t switch it with your good old bottle of shampoo since it won’t clear all the sebum, product build-up and dirt, it would be a good idea to use a cleansing conditioner once a week to avoid stripping your hair of moisture by shampooing it. This works best on curly, dry, brittle, and thick hair because these hair types tend to bear the brunt of humidity the most.

The correct way to use it is using a lot, around 6 to 8 pumps of product for shoulder-length hair. Work the product on your roots and saturate the length with it. Let it sit for five minutes and then rinse. Cleansing conditioners do not lather but they gently cleanse your hair while leaving it super soft and nourished.

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