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#BrokeBeautyLover: A Red, Fiery Lippie That’s Only For Rs 200 And Is Glamorous AF

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Have you ever looked down at your drawer full of lipsticks and thought to yourself “Damn, I don’t have enough lipsticks to wear”? Because, same. I feel like no matter how much I hoard, I’m never satisfied with the amount of lipsticks I have. And believe it or not but I have the red shade in most brands. That’s just how much I love me some classic red shade.

Now, I belong to the school of thought that “You can’t have enough lipsticks.” Which isn’t good for me or my wallet. However, I enjoy being quite the spender (broke or not), and so I went online to buy myself another red lippie and this time I wanted to be in my budget. I’ve spent a lot on red lipsticks only to not use them (does anyone ever get through a lipstick?) and it hurts.

While I was doing my due research – sorting out the lipsticks by price – I came across Wet N Wild which I think is one of the best budget-friendly brands to exist. I swear by their products. From their eyeshadows to their brushes; they all are what every makeup junkie on a budget will want in her vanity. At this point, I think they should make me the ambassador of their company because every time someone asks me to suggest a good but budget-friendly makeup brand, I always say Wet N Wild without any hesitation.

Now, that we have declared my love for the brand, let me tell you a little something about their lipstick. I was honestly so skeptical of buying my first Wet N Wild product because it had newly launched in India and I wasn’t really sure about it. I had heard a lot about this brand and never thought it would be nice to my wallet to this extent. I assumed the prices of their lipstick would be around Rs. 600-800. That was a lot for someone who didn’t earn or get any pocket money.

I tried to slyly walk up to my sister. I say try because as soon as I show any love for her she goes ”What do you want?” and this wasn’t any different. Hey, I am not saying I don’t love her, it’s just a little more when I need something. I told her that I really needed this lipstick to which she gave me a whole lecture about how I have so many, but because she loves me or because I refused to return her favourite top (I don’t know which it is *shrugs nonchalantly*), she ended up buying me this lipstick.

Once the package finally arrived, I tried on the lipstick and the next day, wore it to college. Full points to me for my patience. I loved the shade and texture of the lipstick. It was so smooth and silky, almost like running a feather on my lips. Yes, I am descriptive. The lipstick isn’t super long lasting, but the description clearly states that – it says “lasts up to 4 hours”. But, it lasted longer than any of my relationships and for that it gets credit.

Even though the lipstick is creamy, it has a matte finish on application. And yet, it doesn’t dry out the lips. While this lipstick made me look like a diva it was simultaneously moisturising my lips- what a beautiful duet. I would totally suggest you buy this lipstick and find your happily ever after in a lipstick.


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